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Take Time Out’s Index survey and tell us what you love and hate about Montreal

Montréal Skyline
Photograph: Stéphan Poulin

While our editorial team at Time Out Montreal spends time researching, testing and tabulating things like the best bars, the best things to do and the best restaurants in Montreal, we know Montrealers have their own opinions on where to grab a drink, enjoy a meal or have fun in their city. That’s why, every year, we ask readers like you to tell us what they think is best in their city.

Whether it’s London or Paris, Los Angeles or Tokyo, Mexico City or Melbourne, Time Out has been doing in-depth research like this with its readers about what they think makes a city special. Last year, Montreal came in as the second most affordable city on the planet, near the top of the global rankings for being a diverse, dynamic and creative place to live, and that 80 percent of all locals reported feeling happy.

How exactly did we do that?

That would be the Time Out Index: All around the world, our team at Time Out sends out this survey to readers in every country to ask about how they feel about and live in the cities they call home. We want to know what makes cities great by asking the people who live there things like how they feel about it, which neighbourhoods are the best for going out, how to have fun, and more.

When’s the last time you thought about what you love and hate about Montreal? If you were going to describe this city, how would you do it? How much time do you spend getting out and enjoying your city, and how much of it do you spend indoors? This is your chance to tell us!

It will take more than ten minutes, tops, to complete the Time Out Index survey. It’s fully anonymous, so be honest! Once you’re done, we’ll reveal which city in the world you should live in. 

Take the survey!