Everything we know about Montreal’s Pornhub Netflix exposé

This controversial documentary delves into the successes and scandals of Pornhub through interviews with performers, activists and past employees.

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Sex, lies and videotape?

An article published in The New York Times in 2020, which shared the experiences of multiple women who were sexually exploited as minors through having their assaults posted on Pornhub—a very popular adult-content website—gained a lot of attention.

Since then, the company has faced lawsuits from assault victims and activists who claim that the website is involved in child sex trafficking.

However, Pornhub has been a reliable source of income for sex workers and they argue that their livelihood is being threatened by widespread censorship. 

Suzanne Hillinger, the director of Totally Under Control, has created a documentary called Money Shot: The Pornhub Story, which explores the platform's history and the ethical dilemmas that arise from user-generated pornographic content.

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When will Money Shot: The Pornhub Story air ?

Money Shot: The Pornhub Story will be available for streaming on March 15 in Canada. 

Where can I watch the trailer for Money Shot: The Pornhub Story?

You can view the trailer on Netflix’s YouTube channel here.

How long is Money Shot: The Pornhub Story?

The documentary featuring interviews with performers, activists and past employees of the Montreal-based adult content site runs 90 minutes long.

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