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Sex map reveals Quebec as the kinkiest province in Canada

Lovehoney has released their annual Sex Map with an in-depth look into the sex lives of people from all over the country.

Laura Osborne
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Laura Osborne

Kinkiest province? Best-stroking city?

These are just some of the revelations about Quebec according to Lovehoney’s Sex Map.

Photograph: Courtesy of Lovehoney

The sex toy brand released a map created using data from Lovehoney's 2022 sales figures, their global study from summer 2022 global expert network and their predictions for Sex Trends in 2023. 

Photograph: Courtesy of Lovehoney

Who buys more fetish clothing than the average province?

That would be Quebec, who gets the award for the kinkiest province (cue the city's next-level kinky theme parties and epic nightlife).

Fun fact: Enough handcuffs and restraints (9,506 to be exact) were bought last year to arrest all of Baie-Saint-Paul, Québec. 

And which city spends the most money on male masturbators?

Congratulations, Montreal, for being awarded “Best Stroking City”. 

For a city known for its romantic restaurants and date-friendly spots—including the most romantic café around—this news may or may not come as a surprise.

Photograph: Courtesy of Lovehoney

A few other sexy facts: The length of all sex toys purchased in Canada could reach the top of the CN Tower 4 times, and the total amount of lube sold could fill 42 hot tubs.

Looking for more fun facts about Canada?

Find out what your province may (or may not) say about you here:

Newfoundland and Labrador: Buys toys with the most girth (4.6-inch average circumference) 

Northwest Territories: Purchases the biggest dildos on average (5.4-inch average length) 

Nova Scotia: Spends more money on blindfolds, masks, and gags than the average province 

Oxford, Ontario: Buys the most electro/medical fetish toys 

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: Buys the most sex machines 

Manitoba: Buys more lingerie than the average province 

British Columbia: Buys the most police role-play costumes 

For more information about Lovehoney's sex map, click here.

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