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Time Out Market Montréal
Photograph: Courtesy Time OutTime Out Market Montréal

Time Out Market Montreal unveils the first slate of chefs and eateries

Montréal Plaza, Le Club Chasse et Pêche and more are joining Time Out Market Montreal, and that’s just the start

JP Karwacki
Written by
JP Karwacki

It’s finally here, Montreal. We’re pulling back the curtain so you can get a sneak peek at what’s in store for Downtown Montreal’s Eaton Centre. Here you’ll find the first lineup for the food hall to rule them all, a carefully curated selection of the city’s best chefs brought together under one roof.

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Opening in late 2019, this 40,000 square-foot space sporting a unique industrial design—and massive skylight!—will house a major focal point of culture in the city: 16 eateries curated by Time Out Montreal editors that’ll dish out some the city’s finest food, three bars with choice libations, a demonstration kitchen for a taste of the action, a cooking academy for a hands-on approach, a retail shop for local products and keepsakes, and cultural spaces for art and more.

We’ve scoured the streets and eaten our way through Montreal to curate this selection that combines accomplished Michelin-calibre veterans and restaurants with local cult statuses. You’ll be able to dig into the likes of fresh pastries, creative fine dining, inspired takes on Vietnamese street food, juicy burgers, Neapolitan-style pies and the Portuguese chicken on everyone’s mind. Check out just some of the amazing things coming to Montreal later this year.  

Charles-Antoine Crête & Cheryl Johnson: The combined force of Crête and Johnson’s something to be reckoned with. Defined by a boundless creativity and curiosity, these are Montreal’s culinary wild cards that have wowed diners time and time again with dishes and experiences at their restaurant Montréal Plaza that reveal highly accomplished conception, presentation, flavour and pleasurability of eating. While they’re chefs who keep you guessing, there's one thing we can be sure of: The vibrancy they’ll bring to Time Out Market Montréal.

Claude Pelletier: Le Club Chasse et Pêche has been a low-key essential restaurant in Montreal ever since it first opened in 2004. The work of its chef Claude Pelletier and chef de cuisine Mélanie Blouin is of a quiet concentration on craft over presence, on walking instead of talking. That’s the staying power of “Le Club”: You do what you do, and you do it exceedingly well; no sense in shouting it from the rooftops when the work speaks for itself. That being said, Pelletier’s food is a meditative experience, where technique and form turn ingredients into supremely thoughtful creations. So, leave the shouting from the rooftops up to us. We’re happy to oblige.

Burger T!: This eatery from chef Normand Laprise carries the same banner that his first restaurant Toqué! began with: To champion the farm-to-table movement in the city, highlight seasonal Québec terroir and celebrate that bounty on your plate. That includes his amazing gourmet and sustainable burgers which will take to the stage at Time Out Market Montreal. Laprise’s life's work is a keystone in the culinary heritage of the province, and that makes for a must-eat in our books.

Moleskine: This downtown pizza eatery with an upstairs wood-fired menu have been keeping us well-fed with warm food and ambiance in the winter, and a cool hangout with cooler ice cream in the summer. Fans of bona fide Italian dining will grab tastes like their Marguerite, Américaine, and Salsiccia pizzas at Time Out Market Montreal, made with delectable ingredients including specialty house sausage, stracciatella di bufala and fior di latte cheese, and yes, tons of olive oil and tomato sauce. Buckle up, you’re in for a delicious ride.

Romados: Ask any Montrealer what should be on someone's dining bucket list in this city and Romados is right up there with the best of them. They’ve been serving their signature recipe for Portuguese rotisserie chicken slathered in bright orange piri piri sauce with sides of poutine—and who could forget those delicious pasteis de nata?—since 1994, it's a stalwart institution with a supremely loyal following, and now guests will be able to grab it at Time Out Market Montreal.

Hof SuCrée: Things seldom get so sweet as this. Jeffrey Finkelstein's a local pastry wunderkind in Montreal, and his bakery Hof Kelsten's savory and sweet goods—from French essentials like croissants to Jewish challah and babkas—have permeated just about every café and restaurant's menus. There's just as much masterful chemistry of flour and water to anticipate at this new spot started with Finkelstein's pastry chef Suyin Wong as his first bakery, and we're eager to be breaking bread at this new table.

Il Miglio: Among Italian cuisine’s most necessary of qualities, attention to quality reigns particularly supreme—it’s what turns something as simple a meatball, a ladleful of sauce or a roasted vegetable into something that really sings, and the Italian cantine Il Miglio’s got bel canto to make that happen. Each dish by chef Claude Pelletier and chef de cuisine Mélanie Blouin speaks volumes despite their simplicity, and we’re happy to announce that their mouthwatering menus will soon be part of Time Out Market Montreal. We’re ridiculously hungry for this one.

Le Red Tiger: We’ve been hooked on Le Red Tiger ever since they started dishing out the richly aromatic and flavorful cuisine of Vietnam four years ago. Dan Pham and chef Phong Thach truly deliver traditional street food with panache. Expect as many classics like piping hot pho and banh mi here as there are creative takes like beef jerky-topped papaya salad and grilled skewers of coconut chicken, lemongrass beef and soybean curd. We say you should savor it, but we know you’ll inhale it.

Learn more about open Time Out Markets in Lisbon, Miami and New York, as well as future markets coming to Boston, Chicago, Dubai, London and Prague.

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