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Homecooking, meal and grocery delivery in Montreal
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The best meal and grocery delivery in Montreal

Use the best meal and grocery delivery in Montreal to keep your fridge full and improve your cooking skills ten-fold

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Holly Tousignant
JP Karwacki

For Montrealers who are too busy (and/or those who don’t have the culinary skills that go beyond adding ramen noodles to hot water and not screw it up), the best meal prep and grocery delivery in Montreal can be a lifesaver. Sure, you can dip into the best baking classes and cooking classes in Montreal, but what happens when you’re left to fend for yourself with the best grocery stores in Montreal and don't have ideas for dinner? What about cooking for dietary preferences, on a budget and accounting for family sizes? That’s when you need food delivered fresh (or frozen) from these locally-owned operations and top names in the biz headquartered in the city.

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Get your hands on the meal and grocery delivery in Montreal

Headquartered in Montreal, the sheer size of this company’s expansion across the country would make it easy to forget that its main office is here. Goodfood’s at the top of our charts because of the speed, reliability and makeup of its services, offering a range of omnivore, vegetarian and carnivorous options where meal kits get delivered to your door with simple (see: usually no more than 10 steps) recipes for you to follow and try replicating after. Cacio e pepe porkchops, shrimp korma, trofie pasta with sun-dried tomato pesto… what’s not to like?

Delivery details: Set up an account to receive meal kits every Sunday; be sure to stay up to date on any developments in their offered services by visiting their website.

The brainchild of Montreal chef Nathalie Des Rosiers, La Comida’s health-conscious focus is evident in its veg-packed menus which adhere to clean eating principles and include ample vegetarian/vegan-friendly and gluten-free options (like the naked Thai tempeh burger served with Asian coleslaw and brown rice). It’s also one of the few Montreal companies to also offer breakfast options, with a well-rounded menu full of tofu and egg-based dishes.

Delivery details: Due to recent demand, La Comida now delivers twice weekly to homes throughout Montreal, Ile Perrot, Vaudreuil, Hudson and Saint Lazare.


A family-run business, the ‘gourmet masters’ that lend the company its name (two brothers and their father) prep a range of homestyle meals that were designed to satisfy busy, fast food-weary 9-to-5ers, with once-a-week delivery for fresh meals and three delivery days for their frozen dishes. Mains include lots of braised and roasted dishes (think chicken cacciatore, beef bourguignon, pork tenderloin); pair them with soups, salads, desserts, roast veg or a side of carbs.

Delivery details: With the farthest reach on this list (stretching far beyond the island), the delivery fees for this Laval-based company vary by location.

As with many professional meal preppers, health is a focus for Jenny’s Food Prep, which offers a small menu of balanced meals. In addition to colourful small dishes like chickpeas with Greek salad or basmati rice and tzatziki, the company also delivers prepared meats (Korean beef, Greek chicken breast, ground BBQ turkey, lemon and garlic salmon filets and strips of steak) in bulk.

Delivery details: Delivery covers the whole island and goes out every Monday night.


Originally conceived as a smoothie bar for on-the-go health and fitness buffs, Fresh MTL has since expanded to a bistro and meal prep service with dishes based on the same health-conscious principles that inspired the smoothie bar. Because of the fitness slant, nutrition information is displayed on all of the company’s veg-and-protein-heavy dishes (there are also customizable options).

Delivery details: Deliveries go out on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays; at present, the company has waived its usual $75 order minimum for free delivery.

The ever-changing menus at Golden Goods cater to both individuals and families. There’s also a special menu available for those who follow low-carb diets, which includes options like Cajun grilled chicken breast with veggies or veggie black bean-stuffed enchiladas.

Delivery details: Deliveries are free for all orders over $65 in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil, and go out every Sunday (orders must be placed by 11 p.m. on the preceding Thursday). 


Take care of both lunch and dinner with this company, which sources meals and snacks from several local vendors. Keep it light with wraps, bagels and Jamaican patties, or stock up on Sublime Creations’ hearty fresh and frozen dinners like French onion pork chops, a Philly cheese steak skillet, piri piri grilled chicken and rice bowl, and more.

Delivery details: Deliveries within Montreal and Laval go out every Sunday, with a minimum order of $50 required for free delivery.

The dishes prepared by the team at LaSalle-based Bon C Bon are the stuff of cozy family meals of days past (although with single portions available for each dish, it’s okay if your ‘family’ is just you). Expect lots of pasta and sauce-slathered meats like Indonesian beef randang, cheese tortellini in a rosé sauce, and some pouding chômeur for something sweet.

Delivery details: BonCBon delivers to neighbourhoods throughout the island, with off-island deliveries offered on a case-by-case basis.


Keto-friendly Hulk Meal is all about healthy eating—are you noticing a trend yet? The dinner-ready dishes feature fresh, colourful ingredients, and most are heavy on meats and veg (although there’s also a range of entirely plant-based options available). If you’re on a health kick and want to try a diet like keto, this catch-all collection of meals will make it super easy for you to start.

Delivery details: Hulk Meal offers free delivery throughout the Greater Montreal area every Wednesday and Friday.

Fit Plans’ modus operandi is providing fitness-savvy Montrealers with customized meal plans created for their personal dietary requirements. This truly is a meal plan; meals cover breakfast, lunch and dinner, and each comes with full nutritional info. Those with very specific performance goals—athletes and bodybuilders, for example, or someone looking to get in shape—will find Fit Plans’ calorie-focused approach especially useful, although the company aims to serve anyone interested in healthy eating.

Delivery details: Meals can be delivered on Sundays night or Monday morning and Tuesday night or Wednesday morning from Île Bizard to Terrebonne, to Boucherville and as far as La Prairie.


An option for the weeks when even pouring your cereal in the morning feels like too much. 21st Century Food has your day covered from breakfast (scrambled eggs with goat cheese and chives or overnight oats, for example) to lunch (one of many paninis or wraps) to a wide range of dinner options.

Delivery details: Deliveries go out every Sunday, with fees dependent on location.

While the desire (or need) for meal prep help is vast, accessibility remains an issue for many of those who require such services the most. Community ‘food hub’ Santropol Roulant addresses this need with its meals-on-wheels program, which delivers hot meals to individuals in Montreal who have experienced a loss of autonomy for the partially-subsidized cost of $6 per meal (or $4.50 for low-income individuals).

Delivery details: Santropol volunteers deliver its freshly made meals five days a week to clients, who must ask to be referred by health care professionals.

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