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Time In: The best things to do at home

Stuck inside? Use this collection of ideas, tips, tricks and news for Montreal about the best things to do at home


Spending time indoors during the coronavirus outbreak in Montreal limits our time exploring the city, so we may as well enjoy the best things to do at home, from the best culture to food and drink in Montreal. We've been putting together all the guides and latest news to help you get through these troubled times and make the most of them: Here, you'll find the details on things like the latest developments in town, how to get your hands on the best delivery and takeout in Montreal, opportunities for education and self-improvement, how to stay sane throughout this crisis, and—most importantly for maintaining hope in the face of it all—some inspo to help plan for that sweet moment when you can go back outside. Read on for everything Time In, curated by Time Out editors, has to offer.

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7 ways to stay sane during the outbreak

7 ways to stay sane during the outbreak

Whether it be through food and exercise, or social support and mindfulness, these tips can help you to stay sane in spite of whatever COVID-19 throws our way.

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