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The best KIDZ BOP songs of all time

The best KIDZ BOP songs of all time make for one pretty epic playlist, so start gathering your favorites now


Planning a birthday bash? Hosting a sleepover? You'll need to have a jam session with the best KIDZ BOP songs of all time, naturally. 

The for-kids-by-kids brand, which just announced its 2019 world tour, is a great, family-friendly way to rock out to some of today's most popular tunes (and plenty of throwbacks). When the young'uns aren't grooving to the best dance songs for kids at the festivities, try this playlist out for size—we promise you won't be disappointed. (Plus all lyrics are G-rated, so don't worry Mom and Dad). 

Enjoy the best KIDZ BOP songs for all ages, but don't forget about the best Disney songs, either. Even better? When the kiddos get too tired to move, just put on one of the best Disney princess movies while they relax. Sounds like you have a pretty packed adventure! 

Best KIDZ BOP Songs

1. “Call Me Maybe”

Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me, Maybe" is forever etched in our brains, and the KIDZ BOP rendition about the serendipitous encounter is just as memorable. Chances are high you'll never forget the lyrics to this anthem.

2. “Bad Blood”

Kiddos take on the pop-country force that is Taylor Swift in their "Bad Blood" cover, and even the Reputation singer would be impressed.


3. “Kryptonite”

KIDZ BOP puts its spin on a 3 Doors favorite by tackling one of 2000's most popular rock tracks. 

4. “Hoedown Throwdown”

Add Miley Cyrus’ hoedown how-to to any birthday party playlist to get the kiddos attempting the steps en masse. Just be ready to hear this on repeat at home as they try to get the entire routine down.


5. “Wake Up”

The KIDZ BOP kids take on another Disney Channel starlet with Hillary Duff’s song. Remember this track?

6. “Hey There, Delilah”

If you're wondering what it's like in NYC, listen to the KIDZ BOP singers tackle this popular Plain White T's number. The background singers add extra pizzazz to a song that originally featured one vocalist. 


7. “Roar”

Little ones—and grown-ups, too—will belt out Katy Perry’s song for champions. You'll certainly feel victorious after this karaoke session.

8. “Party in the U.S.A.”

When the KIDZ BOP singers take on this upbeat Miley Cyrus favorite, everyone will start "nodding their heads like yeah."


9. "Look What You Made Me Do"

Oh snap! Taylor Swift's grand return to the music industry in 2017 gets the KIDZ BOP treatment. 

10. "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!"

When the holidays hit, make sure to play this amped-up version of a winter classic. 


11. "The Middle"

Meet us in the middle and add this KIDZ BOP track to your party playlist. 

12. "Send My Love"

Who doesn't love belting one out alongside Adele? We can't blame the KIDZ BOP crew for tackling this bad boy from the singer's most recent album, 25


13. "Happy"

"Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof!" This Pharrell song, originally featured in Despicable Me, is always a kid crowd-pleaser. 

14. "Domino"

Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Try not to bust loose when KIDZ BOP gets ahold of this epic dance song (note that lyrics are G-rated). 


15. "I Love It"

This carefree, rock-out track is a perfect addition to your KIDZ BOP party playlist. 

16. "Best Day of My Life"

What better way to kick off an epic celebration than "Best Day of My Life"? You have to set the tone right! 


17. "Can't Stop the Feeling"

Don't fight the urge to "dance, dance, dance, dance"—it's impossible! 

18. "I Want It That Way"

All '90s kids (and kids today) rejoice when they hear this famous Backstreet Boys song. Get ready to reminisce and pour your heart out! 


19. "A Thousand Miles"

KIDZ BOP brings on the great piano strokes of Vanessa Carlton in this cover. 

20. "Life Is a Highway"

KIDZ BOP dips into country territory with this rendition of the beloved Tom Cochrane/Rascal Flatts tune. 

Listen to the best Kidz Bop songs

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