Denis Sulta, press 2018

What’s the deal with… Denis Sulta?

Get to know Glasgow’s young party-mad DJ

Kyle MacNeill

Okay, hit me up.
Denis Sulta is a DJ legend in the making. At just 25, this hot-as-fudge Scottish disc jockey is killing it around the world, spinning euphoric, hands-in-the-air stuff – ranging from discohouse monsters to the occasional classic trance tune. It’s the kind of stuff that leads to all-out dancing, rather than the more headnodding, earnest (aka boring) side of DJ culture.

How did it all begin?
Sulta cut his teeth at Glasgow’s legendary Rubadub record store, and then, chomping his new gnashers, took over the electronic music world. Huge slots at Sonar, Parklife, Space Ibiza and many more were torn apart by his dance-music canines. Although never straying into cheese, Sulta’s sets are made for big rooms.

So, I’m guessing he likes to party?
Totally. An average set might see Sulta starting full-on chants, pouring vodka into the gaping mouths of ravers, crowdsurfing and standing on his CDJs – and that’s before he’s even started. We can’t tell you how genuinely refreshing it is to see a DJ having as much fun as their jumping crowd.

Does he make his own tunes, too?
Hell to the affirmative! Sulta’s tunes are big-room-worthy, synth-laden pieces of percussive house. Check out ‘It’s Only Real’ and ‘Dubelle Oh XX’ for starters.

And what about seeing him spin?
Well, he’s curating his first festival in Edinburgh at Fly Open Air this May. Before then, head to XOYO on January 26, where he’ll be spinning back-to-back all night with the brilliant Artwork. Expect absolute scenes from start to finish.

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