Fierce Femmes: Olga / Trendafilka / Psychic Hotline / Edgeslayer

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Fierce Femmes: Olga / Trendafilka / Psychic Hotline / Edgeslayer
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Fierce Femmes: Olga / Trendafilka / Psychic Hotline / Edgeslayer says
femme-doom duo from Los Angeles

New Orleans Women's Balkan Choir

Psychic Hotline
Harsh Femme Destroyer/ Minnie Mouse Worship
(Ruth Ex<3)

#darkwavequeen space cunt

$5 for touring band
starts early/ends early

"There is a brutal terseness, a beautiful and violent minimalism at play throughout Legs, the debut cassette from Olga -- a duo of Rachel Blomgren (Tiny Fantasy) and Sophie Weil (Syko Friend, Tips For Twat).

While the masters of war elsewhere continue to develop technological warfare techniques and chemical weapons, Olga devotes little more than 25 minutes to keeping the shiv sharp and the blunt object blunt. Like a very raw take on The Slits or an inversion of Throbbing Gristle’s “Persuasion,” (that is, content notwithstanding) track after track stretches out like a sinuous limb in a cloud of incense. Blomgren and Weil present a kind of incantational witch-punk, hazily played but trenchant compositions for electric guitar, bass, and two voices. What is not needed has been stripped away and the space which those things might have occupied is left empty or half-full of tape hiss, a cloud to make the glinting shiv all the more dramatic.

Olga’s incanting into that empty space is not about mourning the emptiness, but ownership of it. Blomgren and Weil are mavens of the void, their contralto voices trading lines like crosshatched hexes: “I’ve come to release you / Snake headed and true / You’ll help to release me / Erotic daydream.” The yang is excised and the yin rises, damning its reputation for passivity. Flippant aficion characterizes these six songs, one after another a plodding nod to no-wave tones and attitude.

Legs is hypnotic, dangerous, and sexy -- the kind of thing one eternally hopes to stumble upon at a Midwest basement show or in a dark bar on the Lower East Side."
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