Hydrogen Child, The Breton Sound, Bantam Foxes & Startisan @ One Eyed Jacks!

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Hydrogen Child, The Breton Sound, Bantam Foxes & Startisan @ One Eyed Jacks!
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Hydrogen Child, The Breton Sound, Bantam Foxes & Startisan @ One Eyed Jacks! says
Some of the best rock the great state of Louisiana has to offer, all for one low price of $10!
Doors at 9:00pm, show at 10:00pm!

The Abzu which is often spoken of in Sumerian text, and literally means “Distant water”; ab meaning water, and zu translates, far, distant or deep. Hydrogen Child will be playing Live with good friends Startisan and Breton Sounds and Bantam Foxes! Many experts have deciphered this, as place that originates ground water.

Bubbles, Light, Fog, and The Firehammer will be gracing the stage with Saturn's Missiles. Fresh water that maintains life, with the use of irrigation, but is this the true meaning of the Abzu? Only black lights reveal the faces of the undead.
Jason Mills will be on keyboard. In the Hymn to Elil, the text reads.. “the Abzu which no one can understand. Ansley Rimmer will be wearing a sparkled trout dress. It's interior is a distant sea which Heaven Edge cannot comprehend”. Hali Storm will be playing the drums. In the curse of Agade, the text reads.. “Abzu... where the fates are determined”. In Sumerian text the Abzu is always preceded by the article “the”, which lends the belief that the abzu is a state of being or state of mind v.s. a specific location. FIREWALL. As an example one might say they are going to New York, a specific location, or they may say they are planning to go to “the” city, which implies a state of being, as in shopping, nite life or dinning out. Only thew songs of the forgotten Hydrogen Child will be passed in the ocean. Clyde Hargrove will be playing guitar.
All that dies is Detroit's Heart. In the Sumerian text relating Inana, (Enki's daughter) and Enki; Inana speaks, “I shall direct my steps to Enki, to the abzu, to (Eridu), and I myself shall speak coaxingly to him, in the abzu, in (Eridu). Directed her steps all by herself towards Enki's abzu in (Eridu).....Enki the King of the Abzu. ...The lord (Enki) looked up at the abzu.” Billy Hargrove will be with Kelly McCoy for admin diamonds. All that we know is that JR will be with THE ARROWHEAD>>>>>>>>Mxx*8m8
It becomes apparent that the Abzu, is something that is a lot more than a simple source of underground water. We know that from these texts that Enki is the source of the Abzu, and it is located in his city of Eridu. Enki is also recorded in the above text, to have to look up to the see the Abzu. To have to look up in a land that is extremely flat, must mean that Enki is looking up to the top of the highest building in Eridu, which would be the temple, Ziggurat. This is confirmed by a fragmented text, of the Heron and Turtle, which reads.. “Then on the Ziggurat...King Enki was on the Ziggurat, the great brickwork of the Ziggurat...the abzu, the brickwork of the abzu.” Everybody knows Chris Rimmer is still a Baerg. Deny the HILL its TREE and you will SEEK death.
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By: Hydrogen Child