Introducing The Chardonnay Series

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Introducing The Chardonnay Series
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Introducing The Chardonnay Series says
The NOLA Brewing Tap Room is excited to be introducing the Chardonnay Series!

This latest series, coming from NOLA Brewing's Funk program, uses a unique chardonnay yeast that we discovered in our 00 series for primary fermentation. That, followed by mixed fermentation in different barrels with a variety of cultures and worts, create a pallet with which to paint light to moderately sour, but deeply complex beers available only in the NOLA Brewing Tap Room!

The initial run:

4/21/17 - Chardonnay 1
-AKA Guavawava
Lightly tart crisp, dry, and a little funky but pack full of guava aroma and flavor. A regular sour drinker would find this refreshing and drinkable, or it could be a good intro sour for someone new to the style.

5/4/17 Chardonnay II
-AKA Blues Tent
Blueberries! This bluesy number is a little more intense than the others when it comes to acidity. The funk is light in the background, and the blueberries really shine through.

5/15/17 – Chardonnay III
-AKA Rubikcubism
A mosaic of beers blended to create a lightly sour beer that is reminiscent of a tart East Coast IPA. Much the way an artist can create an 8-bit painting by placing Rubik’s cubes together. Dry, crisp, refreshingly tart, full of hop aroma.
*Keep an eye out for this one in the market for American Craft Beer Week!*

5/26/17 - Chardonnay IV
-AK Passion Smashin’
Smashed passionfruit(puree) is used to give a tart tropical flavor to the already fruity and funky blend.

With more to come!
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By: NOLA Brewing