Richard Mayer's Verbatim Verboten

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Richard Mayer's Verbatim Verboten
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Richard Mayer's Verbatim Verboten says
Next invasion of privacy: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15th, 8pm.

VERBATIM VERBOTEN, the invasion-of-privacy revue's co-producer (and the proprietor of the Old Marquer Theatre) reclaims the reins for our April installment, promising (a) a smaller, tighter cast than Michael's everybody-into-the-pool approach, and (b) material that's intended to be mostly...oh, you know, what is that word?...funny.
Cast list to come, although Mason Joiner is in for sure.
Hosted by Richard Mayer, dammit!

$12 at the door.
Email, or call 504-298-8676.

New Orleans...
"In the simplest theatrical mode -- but also the most effective -- the actors perform the transcripts word for word, taking only some license with intonation or emphasis. The results are at points riotously funny, shamelessly embarrassing and even a bit scary as the audience finds itself eavesdropping on comments never meant to be heard.
"...As viciously cutting as some of the material may be, there is a whimsical feel to this verbal voyeurism....[T]he show [has] an easygoing, casual piece is too lengthy. Each is a pleasing hors d'oeuvre passed around a pleasant cocktail party -- tasty and different enough to keep the audience wanting another. [The cast is] charming and witty..." --Times-Picayune

New York...
"This show delivers the raw goods. Deeply funny and just plain disturbing." --The New York Observer
"...Verbatim is up far more often than it is down. All eight performers do an excellent job, with a great deal of presence and comic timing. Everyone clearly has fun with the material, and that fun is contagious."
"[F]resh and edgy for audience and performers alike."

"Michael Martin's merrily damning series features staged readings of the private conversations of public figures. ...[B]oy, did Martin pick a good time to bring it back. Given the recent caught-on-tape remarks of such notables as Christian Bale, Pastor Ted Haggard, Prince Harry, and, of course, former governor Rod Blagojevich, we seem to have entered the golden age of surreptitiously recorded stupidity... Sure it's trash, but just try to resist." --The Chicago Reader
"A smartened-up National Enquirer." --TimeOut Chicago

"At it's best, it's blisteringly funny, really creepy -- or both." --The Seattle Times
"Hilarity abounds, especially when we're treated to a nattily done naughty bit, a rehashing of bitchy Orson Welles outtakes, or anything involving Coco the gorilla." --The Stranger

"This is fucking ridiculous, and fucking great." --Wake Magazine
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