Song Dogs @ Maple Leaf ~ Sat Jan 9

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Song Dogs @ Maple Leaf ~ Sat Jan 9
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Song Dogs @ Maple Leaf ~ Sat Jan 9 says
It's been a few years since the SongDogs were first unleashed on an unsuspecting New Orleans public, purveying their particularly piquant brand of "sensitive and hard-rocking, ethereal and ultra-funky, vulnerable and street-wise all-original music" (Ben Sandmel). And though the band has taken what may be the longest hiatus in music history, somehow we always knew that cosmic forces would align and bring us back together.

Now we're stirring our shared stories and separate adventures into one big ol' pot, cooking up a gumbo that just tastes better every time we heat it up. And we can't wait to dish y'all up a heapin' helpin'!!!

The SongDogs are:

Paul Clement
Bruce MacDonald
Lisa Mednick Powell
Red Priest
Paul Santopadre
Alison Young
Richard Bates
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