Southern Sideshow Hootenanny Show N Tell

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Southern Sideshow Hootenanny Show N Tell
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Southern Sideshow Hootenanny Show N Tell says
Are you REAL showperson?
Better yet, are you a good salesperson?
Can you bull**** a room full of showpeople, carneys and sideshow folk?
Well, THIS is your opportunity to find out!
Sideshow Show-N-Tell is an open event, where you (you amazing pitchman, you!) will present from stage to an audience of your peers, the most amazing piece of sideshow history, the most valuable collectible or the greatest piece of nostalgia you own!
Was that pocket watch regurgitated by The Great Waldo and given to your grandfather back when he worked a joint in his teens? WHO CARES, just make us believe it!
True stories, True lies: True competition.
The showperson with the best story or most believable story for their artifact wins!

Prizes from our sponsors will be announced as they roll in... but for now, start creating the greatest story ever told.

*The item and story must be tied to sideshow: an act, a piece of history- you name it just stick with the theme.
*You will be limited to 6 minutes on the mic
*You may not have background music or any assistance (except for physical help bringing something large to stage- only before you start/when you finish)
*You must make us believe you
*The item can be anything you like

Hosted by The Lady Aye:
As an award-winning writer, Ilise S. Carter’s work has appeared in the New York Times, the AV Club, Playboy, O Magazine​​ and other outlets. As the Lady Aye, she is one of fewer than three dozen living female sword swallowers, who’s worked with everyone from Cirque de Soleil to Rob Zombie and been called one of “the masters of modern sideshow,” by Sideshow World.​
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By: The Southern Sideshow Hootenanny