Tnm Presents Knockout: Mawn Vs. Alicia Hawkes

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Tnm Presents Knockout: Mawn Vs. Alicia Hawkes
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Tnm Presents Knockout: Mawn Vs. Alicia Hawkes says
Forget that other SPRING TOURNAMENT. You know the one that involves sports. Every Monday in the Marigny, TNM has something way WAY way BETTER. No other COMPETITION will have you LAUGHING and CHEERING. The best part is that YOU DECIDE the winner in the BEST BRACKET TOURNAMENT OF ABSURDITY! TNM’s Knockout presents eight show concepts that will leave all their COMEDY on the COURT for your DELIGHT and ADMIRATION.

In This Week’s Semi-final Event: MAWN vs. ALICIA HAWKES
That first round of match-ups was one hell of a laugh-off, but we have our final four concepts set. We don’t know if we can cheer any louder for these competitors. They are energetic. They are sharp. And, they are complex. You will most definitely marvel at their gameplay and roar for their raw humor. Your belly will need a long rest from the gut-busting guffaws, so you better start stretching your laugh muscles now. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The improv duo of MAWN delighted the first audience of this tournament, and the break has only given them more time to hone their wit and chemistry. Watching their scenes unfold is like watching your two favorite relatives have a pleasant - and hilarious - discussion. They are engaging and relatable, and you can’t stop watching them from the corner while you are eating your second helping of blueberry pie. Also at this party is the comedian you wish you were - ALICIA HAWKES. This powerhouse sketch writer and character actor will have you wondering how deep is her imagination and how broad is her knowledge. Every tightly crafted line is a surprise. Every emotional expression is a revelation. If you are one of those people who doesn’t laugh out loud, get ready to feel what that joy is like.

Which show will win your heart and your vote to advance to the Championship? Check out Knockout’s BEST BRACKET TOURNAMENT OF ABSURDITY on Monday at 9:30pm.

COME each week to ROOT for your favorite in this BULLISH bracket tournament. They will bring the FUNNY and the FURY to win the coveted title of Knockout Champion and a primetime one-hour show spot at TNM, the nerve-center of New Orleans comedy.

Free to attend
$1 per ballot
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By: The New Movement - New Orleans