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Pipa Beach, Natal, Brazil
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Brazil is building a beachside village for digital nomads

Nomad Village Brazil will offer remote workers the chance to live in the spectacular beach town of Pipa

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

For many (us included, tbh), the prospect of becoming a ‘digital nomad’ is becoming very tempting indeed. Faced with the pandemic-era realisation that many of us don’t actually need to work in an office, some have opted not just to work from home but to do their jobs remotely from somewhere totally different – potentially with a lower cost of living and better weather.

Countries around the world have rewarded the desires of remote workers with special digital nomad visas, but now one nation has gone a step further. Brazil is becoming the first South American country to create an entire village just for remote workers from overseas.

So why would you want to work abroad but not live with the locals? Well, it seems that the Brazilian scheme is designed for people who want to live somewhere a bit sunnier, prettier and more idyllic, but don’t necessarily want the shock of being thrown into the deep end of a totally unknown culture.

Sure, it’s probably not for everyone – after all, diving into a new culture is usually all part of the fun – but it could be game-changing for some. The project is called ‘Nomad Village Brazil’ and it’s being run by Lisbon-based start-up NomadX.

Nomad Village Brazil will be in Pipa, a town in northeast Brazil known for having one of the country’s most spectacular beaches. It’s about 90 minutes’ drive from the nearby regional capital of Natal, which is itself around six hours’ flight from Rio de Janeiro.

Nomads at the village can expect a huge range of accommodation and facilities, from apartments and swimming pools to common living and working areas. 

Besides the bucketloads of sun and all-round paradise vibes, there are other benefits to working in Brazil as a digital nomad. Chief among those is the fact that, for those working for European countries, the time difference (between four and six hours) is much more manageable than the likes of Costa Rica or Bali.

Brazil’s digital nomad visa scheme, which was introduced back in January, states that anyone who earns more than $1,500 (£1,280) per month and has a passport and valid health insurance can apply to live and work in the country for up to 12 months.

The Nomad Village Brazil project will initially run from November 1, 2022, to April 30, 2023. Get more information on the official website here.

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