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Did you complete 2020? Take the ultimate end-of-year quiz

It’s been a weird one, no doubt. So how many of these ‘very 2020’ things did you do this year?

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Time Out editors

Let’s be real: for some, this was a year defined by pain, suffering and grief. For others, it was a year of protest and activism.

However, for many, 2020 was mostly defined by boredom, anxiety, doomscrolling and weird internet trends.

So how deeply did you plunge into the zeitgeist? You’re about to find out. Below, you’ll find 101 extremely topical activities that you may or may not have found yourself doing over the past 12 months.

Grab a pen (damn right, we’re doing this old-school) and jot down a big YES for every ‘very 2020’ thing that you successfully completed. Then tally them up, and at the end, we’ll tell you how you scored this year.

Ready? Let’s go!

Did you complete 2020? The Quiz

So, what did you get up to this year?

⬜ Stockpiled dry goods
⬜ Made sourdough
⬜ Streamed an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical
⬜ Took a virtual museum tour
⬜ Got backache from WFH
⬜ Bought a new office chair
⬜ Baked banana bread
⬜ Tried to grow vegetables on your windowsill
⬜ Took up yoga
⬜ Stopped doing yoga
⬜ Downloaded Houseparty
⬜ Deleted Houseparty
⬜ Gained 20 lockdown pounds
⬜ Upgraded your bed linen
⬜ Bought at least one houseplant
⬜ Styled the bit of your home visible in a Zoom call
⬜ Drank too much on a Zoom call
⬜ Forgot you were on mute during a Zoom call
⬜ Forgot you weren’t on mute during a Zoom call
⬜ Hosted a virtual quiz
⬜ Won a virtual quiz
⬜ Decided never to take part in a virtual quiz again
⬜ Got really into making cocktails
⬜ Spoke to your neighbours for the first time
⬜ Became great friends with your neighbours
⬜ Fretted about the universe
⬜ Used a toilet paper calculator
⬜ Ate outdoors in frankly inappropriate temperatures
⬜ Organised a socially distant park meet-up
⬜ Performed an irony-free elbow-bump greeting
⬜ Took on an ambitious DIY project
⬜ Actually completed an ambitious DIY project
⬜ Worried about the Australian bushfires
⬜ Worried about hantavirus
⬜ Quarantined for two whole weeks
⬜ Fostered a dog
⬜ Ordered really fancy take-out
⬜ Got a veg box delivered
⬜ Had super weird dreams
⬜ Decided to learn how to sew
⬜ Missed your horrible commute
⬜ Walked through a deserted city centre, gawping
⬜ Made your own reusable face mask
⬜ Fogged up your glasses while wearing a face mask
⬜ Invested in a thermometer
⬜ Invested in some expensive hand cream
⬜ Invested in a shiny new sex toy
⬜ Attempted to make Dalgona coffee
⬜ Cooked pizza from scratch
⬜ Took a bite of food and started fretting that your sense of taste had changed
⬜ Took up running
⬜ Stopped running
⬜ Learned all the words to ‘WAP’
⬜ Went on a Zoom first date
⬜ Had a lockdown birthday party
⬜ Made a TikTok account
⬜ Learned a TikTok dance
⬜ Applauded healthcare workers
⬜ Watched a shaky video of random Italians singing
⬜ Discovered there’s a virus emoji
⬜ Downloaded a mindfulness app and actually used it
⬜ Gained new respect for your local delivery people
⬜ Became your own kid’s school teacher
⬜ Cancelled a trip
⬜ Drove a car for the first time in years
⬜ Went hiking for the first time ever
⬜ Went camping for the first time ever
⬜ Noticed nature and/or the seasons for what felt like the first time ever
⬜ Got really emotional about a sunset
⬜ Tried to stargaze and got foiled by clouds
⬜ Streamed a live DJ set into your living room and pretended you were in a club
⬜ Watched ‘Tiger King’
⬜ Watched ‘Emily in Paris’
⬜ Watched ‘Selling Sunset’
⬜ Watched ‘Contagion’
⬜ Watched ‘Dawson’s Creek’ for the first time in 20 years
⬜ Watched a government press conference for the first time in your life
⬜ Grew a really impressive beard or moustache
⬜ Grew a really bad beard or moustache
⬜ Gave yourself a home haircut
⬜ Gave someone else a home haircut
⬜ Shaved all your hair off
⬜ Got dolled up to go to the supermarket
⬜ Got dolled up to take the trash out
⬜ Bought expensive gym equipment
⬜ Actually used the expensive gym equipment
⬜ Bought a bike (or, if you’re fancy, a Peloton)
⬜ Bought roller skates
⬜ Saw Adriene or Joe Wicks more often than anyone IRL
⬜ Tried to pickle vegetables
⬜ Supported a small business (well done, you)
⬜ Wrote a list of all the things you’ll do ‘when this is over’
⬜ Googled ‘what day is it?’
⬜ Googled ‘why can’t I sleep?’
⬜ Googled ‘how far can a sneeze travel?’
⬜ Googled ‘when will there be a vaccine?’
⬜ Googled ‘how to help Black Lives Matter’
⬜ Googled ‘who won the election?’ about 100 times
⬜ Chastised your parents for breaking the rules
⬜ Made your own hand sanitiser
⬜ Tested positive

How many did you complete?

If you did 0-25…

Did you even live through 2020? We can only assume you’ve been asleep since January. In which case: have we got news for you…

If you did 26-50…

Congrats, you somehow evaded most of the year’s lockdown clichés! Maybe you’re just a real free spirit. Or maybe you live somewhere that the virus didn’t affect much, like New Zealand or the moon.

If you did 51-75…

Sorry, it looks like you missed out on some of the defining cultural experiences of 2020. But don’t worry: it looks like you’ll have at least a few months to catch up in 2021!

If you did more than 75…

Go you! You’ve obviously thrown yourself into everything this year has had to offer, and you’re officially more 2020 than Joe Exotic in a face mask baking banana bread live on Zoom from Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Now wash your hands.

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