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Alexandra Palace park overlooking London skyline
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London is officially the most picturesque destination in the world

A new report has figured out which places get the most attention on social media

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

It’s a fine, fine spring day here in the UK, and a report has just named London the most picturesque destination in the world. But are we really that surprised? The British capital is full of world-famous landmarks, gorgeous works of architecture, leafy green spaces and fascinating things to do. In other words, London has a shit ton of things you can – and would want to – take pictures of.

That report comes from, and came to its conclusions by analysing which tourist hotspots got the most attention on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. It then organised these by destination and worked out which places could be considered, as they put it, ‘picture perfect’.

London came top of all three social platforms combined, with 150 million posts on Instagram, 28 billion views on TikTok and 150,000 searches on YouTube. In short, social media freakin’ loves the UK capital. Dubai came second, likely thanks to its mega-tall skyscrapers and popularity among influencers, and third was Paris, with all its iconic landmarks and photogenic café terraces.

So, what about the rest? Well, here’s the not-that-surprising top ten in full:

1. London
2. Dubai
3. Paris
4. New York
5. Bali
6. Los Angeles
7. Barcelona
8. Istanbul
9. Miami
10. Tokyo

If you’re interested in finding out more about’s methodology, you can find out more here.

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