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Portugal is launching a digital nomad visa for remote workers

Remote workers can now live and work in Portugal for up to a year

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Feeling that autumnal nip in the air and not liking it one bit? Well, here’s your chance to escape to warmer shores before winter arrives. Portugal has announced a work visa designed specifically for remote workers, which could let ‘digital nomads’ live and work in the country for up to 12 months.

Portugal is joining an enormous number of countries with ‘digital nomad’ visas, which is the trendy name currently being given to people who work remotely and so can live wherever they please.

And it’s difficult to think of many more diverse, fascinating and all-out balmy places to spend the winter months than Portugal. From buzzy, culture-packed metropolises like Lisbon and Porto to blissful chill spots like the beachy Algarve and semi-tropical Madeira, the country is ideal for a lengthy working holiday.

Portugal has been a digital nomad hub for quite a while, thanks to its D7 visa. Originally aimed at retirees, the D7 has proven popular with remote workers: it allows anyone to live and work in the country, so long as they earn more than the minimum Portuguese wage – at the moment, that’s €822.50 (£718.40, $804.40) per month – and commit to living there for the majority of the year. 

By contrast, the ‘digital nomad’ visa should be a little more tailored to remote workers looking to temporarily relocate. It’s thought that it could act as a transitionary visa between temporary residency and getting a proper D7.

To qualify for Portugal’s remote working visa, you’ll need to be employed by a foreign company and come from a country which is not in the EU or EEA. You’ll also need to prove that you have a monthly income that is four times the current Portuguese minimum wage. That minimum is currently €705 (£608, $689), so you’ll need to earn €2,820 (£2,430, $2,757) per month. Applications for the new visa will open on October 30. 

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