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Revealed: the worst European airports for delays right now

So far in July, these are the worst airports in Europe for delays and cancellations

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Air travel at the mo is, putting it lightly, a bit of a mess: hampered by loads of queues, lengthy delays and thousands of cancelled flights. What’s worse is that, for travellers, much of it is so unpredictable. Airports can go from decent one day to crappy the next – there’s no telling what kind of chaos you might get caught up in.

But presumably some airports must be worse than others, statistically speaking? Well, if you’re into numbers, a new report from travel agency Hopper is here to help you work out which airports you should avoid at all costs.

Using data from the Official Aviation Guide, a provider of data and analytics for airports, Hopper has worked out how European airports are performing so far in July, focusing on the number of delays and cancellations up to July 10.

And the worst airport in Europe right now is… Brussels Zaventem! Belgium’s busiest airport, Zaventem has seen a whopping 72 percent of flights delayed so far this month, with 2.5 percent cancelled.

Brussels is followed by Frankfurt International, which has seen 68 percent of flights delayed and 7.8 percent cancelled, and Eindhoven in the Netherlands, which has had 67 percent of flights delayed and 1.8 percent cancelled.

By contrast, the best-performing airport in Europe is Milan’s Bergamo, which only had three percent of flights delayed and one percent cancelled. Similarly reliable is Gran Canaria’s airport (with eight percent delayed, 0.3 percent cancelled) and Bucharest’s Otopeni International (ten percent delayed, 1.7 percent cancelled).

Here is the full ranking of Europe’s worst airports so far in July, according to Hopper’s study.

1. Brussels Zaventem, Belgium (72 percent delayed, 2.5 percent cancelled)

2. Frankfurt International, Germany (68 percent delayed, 7.8 percent cancelled)

3. Eindhoven, Netherlands (67 percent delayed, 1.8 percent cancelled)

4. Luton, UK (66 percent delayed, 2.7 percent cancelled)

5. Budapest Liszt Ferenc, Hungary (65 percent delayed, 2.1 percent cancelled)

6. Lisbon, Portugal (65 percent delayed, 4.8 percent cancelled)

7. Paris Charles de Gaulle, France (62 percent delayed, 3.1 percent cancelled)

8. Amsterdam Schiphol, Netherlands (61 percent delayed, 5.2 percent cancelled)

9. Nice Côte d’Azur, France (60 percent delayed, 3.4 percent cancelled)

10. London Gatwick, UK (59 percent delayed, 1.4 percent cancelled)

You can read Hopper’s ranking of the worst and best airports for yourself here. Good luck out there.

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