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These are the best places in the world, according to Time magazine

From cities to spectacular beauty spots, here’s where they reckon you should travel in 2022

Ed Cunningham
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Ed Cunningham

Looking for some travel inspo for 2022? Well, here’s a bucketload. Time magazine just released its list of the World’s Greatest Places of 2022, featuring 50 destinations it reckons are most worth a visit this year.

So what makes Time’s list in 2022? Well, there’s a whole range of stuff. Cities dominate, from popular tourist spots like Miami, Istanbul and Copenhagen to less conventional choices like the Lithuanian fort city of Kaunas and Skellefteå, a Swedish city near the Arctic Circle renowned for its innovative timber architecture. 

Time also highlights entire regions that it says are worth a look. The Arctic Circle makes the cut thanks to a new luxury cruise route set to launch this summer; Devon in England gets a shout-out due to a slew of brewery, winery and restaurant openings, while the southern Indian state of Kerala gets a nod for its wellness retreats and motor-home tourism.

Several areas of natural beauty make the cut, including the Great Barrier Reef, Lower Zambezi National Park and Galapagos. Entire islands included in the list are Jamaica (praised for its parties and festivals), the south-western Japanese island of Kyushu (which gets recognition for its guesthouses, hot springs and sake breweries) and Madeira (touted for its adventure tourism).

Individual attractions feature, too, like the enormous footbridge in the Czech resort of Dolni Morava and a climate-change centre in Iceland called Ilulissat. The International Space Station also makes an appearance, though it’s difficult to imagine anyone besides the far-too-rich heading up there any time soon.

We should probably mention that we very recently released our own fabulous ranking of the best cities in the world, judging them based on locals’ opinions of what it’s like to live there, as well as takes from our local editors and experts. So yeah, check that out.

In any case, Time’s list is brimming with fascinating stuff to see and do this year. If you’d like to read the full list, you can do so here.

Now discover to the best cities in the world in 2022, according to… us!

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