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Street view of the historic old town, Edinburgh, Scotland
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These are the cities people most want to revisit, apparently

European capitals dominate the list, according to Reddit users

Liv Kelly
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Liv Kelly

Ah, Reddit. Relic of the old internet and strange mish-mash of communities debating… well, pretty much anything, the online platform is a funny old place. However, it’s a handy space to go to for advice, and all those opinionated users sure do know their stuff about travel. 

A new study by InsureandGo has analysed thousands of Reddit comments and online reviews to determine which cities people are the most keen to revisit. And topping the list, it’s the UK’s glorious capital of London

It garnered 93 different mentions from users, with many noting how ‘at home’ they feel in the city. It’s no wonder people want to go back –  there are so many things to doseeing everything London has to offer in one trip is an impossible task.

In second place it was Paris, which was mentioned 89 times, and in joint third place it was Barcelona and New York City. But the dominance of European capitals doesn’t end there – they actually claim seven of the top 10 spots.  

The 10 cities people most want to revisit, according to Reddit

1. London

2. Paris

3. Barcelona, New York City

5. Rome

6. Tokyo

7. Amsterdam

8. Berlin

9. Edinburgh

10. Mexico City

Did you see that this is apparently the best-smelling city in the world?

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