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These are the most sustainable cities in the world right now

A new study has figured out the places doing great things for people and the planet

Ed Cunningham
Written by
Ed Cunningham

When it comes to cities being sustainable, it isn’t just about them being better for the planet. Sustainable cities are the ones that are the most future-proof and really benefit their citizens – in other words, they’re sustainable for people, too.

If you’re wondering which cities around the world are the most sustainable at the mo, well, you’re in luck. Dutch company Arcadis recently released the 2022 edition of its Sustainable Cities Index, which judges and ranks 100 cities on how sustainable they are. Each city is evaluated according to 51 metrics, which range from levels of pollution and the number of green spaces to the quality and greenness of public transport.

And top of Arcadis’s study this year is… Oslo! The Norwegian capital is praised for its exceptionally green public transport system, abundance of leafy spaces, low energy usage and clean air. The city both topped the overall ranking and came top for environmental sustainability.

Following Oslo is Stockholm, which ranks well not just because of its green credentials but also because of its social sustainability. Stockholm apparently has low income inequality, a healthy work-life balance and a good healthcare system. Third comes Tokyo, largely thanks to its low levels of crime and fab transport network.

Want to know where else made the list? Here’s the top ten in full:

1. Oslo, Norway

2. Stockholm, Sweden

3. Tokyo, Japan

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

5. Berlin, Germany

6. London, UK

7. Seattle, USA

8. Paris, France

9. San Francisco, USA

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you want to find out more about methodology or dive into the study’s lower-ranked cities, you can download and read the full report for yourself here.

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