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Photograph: Twentieth Century Fox

These Twitter reactions to the new Borat movie will make you want to watch it immediately

The film hits Amazon Prime on October 23.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Although we're still a few days away from the official release of Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (October 23 on Amazon Prime), industry folk have already had the honor of watching Sacha Baron Cohen's secretly-shot movie and they've taken to Twitter to divulge their reactions.

Given how shocking the relatively recently-dropped film trailer was, we're not really surprised at what we've been reading. Yet still, the actor seems to have truly stupefied once more. 

The likes of Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, Josh Gad and Adam McKay have already watched the movie (some even more than one... or twice, for that matter), which—according to recent reports—includes a compromising scene with Rudy Giuliani, U.S. President Donald Trump's attorney.

Although many of the tweets associated to the production deal with Giuliani, we hereby round up some other striking, hilarious and downright "huh" ones that we've noticed on Twitter. Get ready to catch the flick this weekend yourself.   

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