This handy tool helps you plan quarantine-free holidays

Find out where in the world you can travel to (and back) without restrictions right now

Ellie Walker-Arnott
Milos, Greece
Photograph: ShutterstockMilos, Greece

The call of the sun lounger is strong right now. After months of stress and uncertainty, there’s nothing a lot of us want more than to switch off and chill the hell out. One of the things standing in our way? Confusing and constantly-changing travel restrictions. 

Now, there’s nothing you can do to protect yourself against unexpected quarantines being announced while you’re mid-flight or midway through your holiday, but this handy tool can help you discover destinations that are currently quarantine-free (and hopefully very much stress-free too). 

As the name suggests, CovidEntryCheck checks the current recommendations and restrictions associated with your country of origin and the destination you’re daydreaming about. 

Say I wanted to travel from London to Italy (which I very much do, by the way), the calculator tells me that there are currently no restrictions in place between those countries, and also informs me of the current number of new and active cases in both places. You can sign up to be alerted via email if the situation changes and may impact your ability to travel too. 

The team behind the tool are constantly monitoring more than 34,000 travel routes and 200 websites to keep the system up to date. All to get us a little bit closer to that lounger.

Where can you travel right now? Here are all the countries that have reopened.

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