Two business class-only airlines are launching within the next month

Tickets from one new aviation company running business class-only seats start at just £158

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It can be super frustrating when you think you’ve found a bargain flight, but at each step towards payment, you find yourself ticking ‘yes’ to another pesky but necessary fee. 

Most factors that actually make a flight comfortable incur at least a small charge, from baggage fees to in-flight refreshments. However, there seems to be a trend emerging of airlines taking steps to make flights more comfortable. One airline has become the first in Europe to introduce child-free zones on planes, and now there are at least two airlines launching business class-only flights within the next month – all perks included.

BermudAir, taking off on 31 August, is a brand new business class-only airline planning flights from, you guessed it, Bermuda. The destinations include Boston, Fort Lauderdale and New York, and tickets start from £158 (€180, $199). 

Given that Wi-Fi, food and drinks, comfy seats in roomy ‘pods’ which have workspace are all included within that price, it sounds like a bargain. The in-flight drinks menu will apparently include a signature Dark ‘n Stormy – hopefully that won’t also apply to the weather conditions. 

By November, the airline will be using a super-spacious aircraft where seats will be in a 1:1 ratio with the window and the aisle. The cabin itself won’t even feature overhead lockers, as room within each booth has been allocated for carry-ons instead. Tickets on these newer planes will reportedly start from £793 (€915, $999).

However, if you’re after something even more luxurious, the launch of premium airline Beond (pronounced beyond) might be more your cup of tea. This airline, due to begin flights in September, will have fully reclining seats, wireless headsets, and feature an in-flight menu of Michelin-star meals, according to South China Morning Post

Delhi and Dubai are likely to be the first destinations, with locations in China, plus Paris, Zurich and Singapore, among many others, being added later. 

For a heftier price tag of £2360 (€2740, $3000), Beond’s services might also include access to premium lounges, and even chauffeured airport transfers. It all sounds rather swanky. 

Did you see that this airline plans to weigh passengers before boarding?

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