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Squid Game
Photograph: Courtesy of Netflix

You can play ‘Squid Game’ for real across the UK... and stay alive

Defy death at four immersive locations in September

Jon Hornbuckle
Written by
Jon Hornbuckle

Fans of Netflix’s Squid Game can try their luck at the twisted schoolground games seen in the show, because the game is coming to these shores.

Squid Game, of course, follows a group of down-on-their-luck Koreans risking it all to win a life-changing cash prize in a series of deadly versions of popular children’s games.

Now Brits can gather up to five friends and try their luck against the giant doll in ‘red light, green light’, then attempt to expertly cut out shapes in the dalgona honeycomb challenge and partake in an intense version of tug-of-war.

Immersive Gamebox, the people behind the South Bank’s Electric Gamebox, have teamed up with Netflix for a life-sized digital experience that sends teams of six into a race against time to complete the six nail-biting challenges. None of them life-threatening, we’re happy to report.

It starts on September 21 at four Immersive Gamebox venues in Manchester, Essex and London. Players must be over the age of 16 and tickets start from £34.

Squid Game Immersive Gamebox
Immersive Gamebox

The Squid Game experience will use projection mapping, 3D motion technology to track every movement players make in the game, reflecting on the cutting-edge screens with surround sound to fully immerse players into the world of Squid Game and ramp up the intensity. 

The dystopian Korean horror series has been a record-breaker for the streaming service since it launched last year, becoming a global cultural phenomenon that has spawned everything from dating nights (bit weird) to giant robot dolls in Sydney harbour (surprisingly fun). 

Squid Game is returning to Netflix for a second series, although don’t expect to see it until late 2023. Tickets for the immersive versions, meanwhile, can be booked now for September 2022 onwards.

Theories and plot threads that could surface in Squid Game season 2.

The ‘if “Squid Game” was in London’ memes are unmissable.

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