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The ‘if “Squid Game” was in London’ memes have arrived

And they are awfully relatable

Written by
Rhys Thomas

‘Squid Game’, heard of it yet? If not you're about to (here, but also from all your mates). Netflix's next big thing – it's a South Korean survival drama where a group of 456 people are invited to play a series of children's games to win roughly 28.5 million quid (except it's Korean so 45.6 billion KRW (Korean won). However, there's only one winner. And for those who lose, there can be life-threatening consequences. 

The show landed on September 17 and is already one of the most-watched shows on Netflix at the moment (or ever). Naturally, where there's a buzzing bit of pop culture, there's a load of Londoners making it all about them. And thank god, because we all love that little London spin on things, don't we? 

So we thought, you know what, let's get the week off to a nice start by rounding up some of the best ‘if Squid Game was in London’ memes we've seen. So, here you go, afternoon procrastination sorted. 

The Londoners will not talk to some rando offering them a chance to play a game, meme. 

Always a classic, even though we know we're a friendly bunch really. 

... or as this person pointed out 

This thesis on the visual identity of childhood in south London 

We all still know how to draw it, like riding a bike. 

The classic ‘wait for London to turn this into an escape room’ tweet. 

Which, to be fair, isn't exactly unlikely to happen.

And the person who will do it, if you back him.

Keeping it OG with the activities too. Bulldog!! 

And naturally, any excuse to bring *that* Tug of War result back up. 

It'll never not be funny, let's be honest. 

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