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best movie posters, Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

The best movie posters of all time

The best movie posters changed how the world sees cinema with epic images worthy of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters

By Rebecca Fontana

The best movie posters of all time are instantly recognizable for their iconic imagery. No, they’re not the same as the best movies of all time—these aren’t judged on their comedic timing, insane action-movie chase scenes, dramatic plot twists or heart-wrenching love stories. These picks—from cheesy blockbuster summer movies to old classics that you’ve never seen—were chosen for one single badass image, whether it’s a shot of the title character or an iconic moment from the film. Seen on the walls of college dorms around the world, these are the best movie posters of all time.

Best movie posters of all time

10. Metropolis

Movies Science fiction

The oldest film on this list, Metropolis also has the most expensive film poster of all time. Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly bought it for $690,000, which sounds impressive but is just him being a man-child who hasn’t grown out of decorating his apartment with posters, when you think about it.

9. The Silence of the Lambs

Movies Thriller

Not only is this poster creepy as hell, it’s also full of secrets—the moth references Buffalo Bill’s transformation, and the skull (made from six naked women) was inspired by master of creepiness Salvador Dalí.


8. A Clockwork Orange


Taking an iconic book (and book cover) and turning it into an iconic movie (and movie poster) is no small feat, but Stanley Kubrick did it.


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