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Bali’s upmarket resort town of Nusa Dua was purpose-built for high-end tourism in the 1970s. Since then, nearly every luxury hotel and spa brand has put down roots in the area – so much so that Nusa Dua Beach is now home to more five-star hotels than Park Lane. Packed full of gated resorts, the area feels moneyed, with golf, glitzy shopping and haute cuisine all big business. But with its gleaming white sands and calm surf, it also ranks as one of the most relaxing places in the world, as well as a popular spot for those with kids.   Nusa Dua hotels all share an emphasis on opulence, top-end services and plentiful amenities, which can make choosing one tricky – with so many five-star establishments to pick from and a spa/fine-dining/infinity pool/glorious views in seemingly every one of them, how do you know which to plump for? By carefully making your choice from our carefully selected list, that’s how.