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Borders and geographical boundaries do not apply to art and culture – an obvious but increasingly important point to be made as the “migrant crisis” continues and cultural segregation escalates. Recognising this, the BAAM association (Bureau d’Accueil et d’Accompagnement des Migrants) and Café de la Press are putting on a one-day festival with a strong emphasis on cultural exchange and integration. On Sunday September 18, from 12 noon until 1am, come to Bastille and witness the immense range of talents on display – from exhibitions featuring the work of migrant artists and photographers to incredible DJ sets from all around the world. Get stuck in to cooking workshops from Afghan and Sudanese chefs or learn a new skill with pottery and Arabic calligraphy classes. There’ll even be a documentary on the refugee situation in Greece, filmed in the town of Lesbos where thousands are still awaiting entry into Europe. All for a minimum donation of one euro.

And for anyone about to tut and moan about state hand-outs: ‘Art & Migrations’ has supported itself through funds raised by its crowd funding campaign on KissKissBankBank. So there!


By: Clotilde Gaillard


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