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l'art à table
© Benjamin Chaud/Musée de Poche Andy Warhol réalisant que, finalement, la soupe à la tomate c'ets un peu lassant, par Benjamin Chaud

A children’s book illustrator imagines what Warhol, Lichtenstein and more would eat for dinner.

Until April 9, the Musée de Poche invites both kids and adults into the wonderful world of illustrator Benjamin Chaud. In this exhibition, Chaud imagines what exactly the art world’s greatest names would have liked to eat for dinner, and the results are whimsical and delightful. There’s Andy Warhol eating tons and tons of canned tomato soup, as well as Roy Lichtenstein covered in his trademark little spots, in this case an unfortunate result of a shellfish allergy.

Kids may not pick up on all the artistic references but the exhibit helpfully encourages them to get involved in interpreting the works. The organisers allow young visitors to actually touch and handle the artwork, all hung on the walls at an accessible height, making the show a brilliant way to occupy and educate all kinds of little tykes.


By: Clotilde Gaillard


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