Mika Rottenberg

Art, Film and video
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mika rottenberg
© Mika Rottenberg, Still, Bowls Balls Souls Holes (Hotel)Mika Rottenberg, Still, Bowls Balls Souls Holes (Hotel)
Mika Rottenberg
© C.Gaillard
Mika Rottenberg
© C.Gaillard'Lips (Study #3)', Mika Rottenberg

The Argentinian artist’s new solo show couches strong political messages in cutting-edge multimedia artworks.

From June 23 to September 11 2016, contemporary art hub the Palais de Tokyo is putting on an ambitious new monograph of Argentinian artist Mika Rottenberg, following 2008’s hit Maison Rouge show. Alternating between fascinating video pieces and immersive installations that blend drawing and sculpture, the show neatly encapsulates Rottenberg’s singular artistic universe, flitting from moments of stark absurdity and acerbic sarcasm to more tender and empathetic portrayals of female assembly-line workers, a favourite subject of hers. In these strikingly quotidian scenes, the artist subtly decries how the female body is still viewed (and treated) by some as a simple tool or means to an end, in a particularly affecting way that only she could.


By: Clotilde Gaillard

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