Patricia Perez Eustaquio

Art, Drawing and illustration
Patricia Perez
© Courtesy de l’artiste et de silverlens, Manille. Patricia Perez Eustaquio, Casting Figures iii: Black Dust, Gold Leaf, 2014.

The Filipino artist has created four monumental one-off 3D landscapes from scrap, paint and natural matter.

Patricia Perez Eustaquio’s first ever European show is about as grand and ambitious as art world debuts get. As part of the Palais de Tokyo’s major summer exhibit, from June 23-September 11 2016, the young artist from Manila, the Philippines has taken over the huge ‘metopes’ space on the first floor with a series of four new installations entitled ‘That mountain is coming’.

In them, Eustaquio has cleverly reappropriated the vast rectangular panels covering the walls as frames for her gargantuan embossed works, which fuse graphite sketchings with textiles and painted aluminium and copper plates. These 3D landscapes – her so-called ‘mountains’ – swing capriciously between the figurative and the abstract, as the geometric lines of the metopes’ friezes cut across glued-on rocks, petals and even rotting carcasses.


By: Clotilde Gaillard

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