Stéphane Couturier

Art, Photography
4 out of 5 stars
Stéphane Couturier (© Stephane Couturier / MEP)
© Stephane Couturier / MEPSérie "Melting Point" - Barcelone - Parallel n°2
Stéphane Couturier (© Stephane Couturier / MEP)
© Stephane Couturier / MEPSan Diego-Olympic Parkway n°1-
Stéphane Couturier (© Stephane Couturier / MEP)
© Stephane Couturier / MEPAlstom-Ciba
Stéphane Couturier (© Stephane Couturier / MEP)
© Stephane Couturier / MEPMELT-Toyota-19 - Série "Melting Point" - Usine Toyota - Valenciennes - 2005

A retrospective of Stéphanie Couturier’s fascinating documentary photography provides insight into how cities evolve over time.

Taking in everything from his early works in the 1990s to his on-going ‘Alger, Climat de France’ project, this retrospective at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie covers the entirety of French photographer Stéphane Couturier’s fascinating documentary work. Zooming in on urban landscapes from all around the world – in places including Europe, Algeria, India, the States and Brazil – Couturier’s works are arranged chronologically, which allows visitors to follow the photographer’s own evolution as well as that of his subjects. And whether it’s the Grand Palais, Checkpoint Charlie or a San Diego desert, every single one of his pieces demonstrates a masterful flair for composition and colour. For an insight into how cityscapes change over time, these inventive, experimental images are a great place to start.


By: Elise Boutié


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