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Top wine tours in Paris

Sip, swill and spit your way through these wine-based tours of the City of Light

Written by
Danielle Goldstein
Matt Breen
Katherine Lovage
Charlie Allenby
Talia Stanton

France is the world’s most famous producer of wine. It’s not hard to see why either, thanks to 17 different regions that produce everything from sparkling Champagne to deep, intense Burgundies. Today, France is still the leading exporter, but for those who aren’t connoisseurs, it can all be a tad intimidating. Luckily, vin-curious visitors to the capital can take their pick from our list of wine tours and tasting sessions in Paris, where expert guidance is on hand. We’ll drink to that!

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Best Paris wine tasting tours

Explore a royal Parisian wine cellar

1. Explore a royal Parisian wine cellar

The Louvre is renowned for being home to probably the most famous painting in the world, but did you know that beneath its many floors and rooms lies a maze of eighteenth-century wine cellars once used by King Louis XV? Guided by an expert sommelier, during your trip to Les Caves du Louvre you will learn about every step of the winemaking process, from growing the grapes to tasting the final product – an experience that might even make the Mona Lisa smile.

Wine tasting in Paris

2. Wine tasting in Paris

If you couldn’t pick a pinot noir out in a line-up or don’t know the difference between muscat and merlot, then this is the tour for you. Not only will you get to taste some plonk from the various regions of France, but you’ll also be guided through the process of tasting – and no, it’s not just swigging it back.

Private wine and chocolate tasting in Paris

3. Private wine and chocolate tasting in Paris

Is there a better combo than wine and chocolate? We couldn’t think of one either. In this tasting session, a trained oenologist (that’s a winemaking expert, FYI) will teach you how to properly savour the two through palate-training tips. Experiment with a variety of combinations, with four wines and two types of chocolate on the roster. 

Wine and cheese lunch in Paris
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4. Wine and cheese lunch in Paris

As tasty as it is educational, this 90-minute class will show you how to identify wines from different French regions while indulging in artisanal cheeses and breads. You'll be tasting samples from five bottles (including one Champagne) and learning everything from how to read a French wine label to the best food and beverage pairings. 

Wine and food tour in Le Marais
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5. Wine and food tour in Le Marais

If you prefer your tourist activities to be active and involve the great outdoors, then this Paris food and wine tour is a top alternative to all those sit-down tasting sessions. Explore Le Marais and its culinary offerings and you taste test a mix of traditional and modern French cuisine. The tour includes 11 food samples and two drinks across eight eateries. You'll get to visit the oldest covered market in Paris and have access to an all-knowing guide who's keen to answer any questions. 

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