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2 out of 5 stars
©Rainettes Paris

A bar-restaurant dishing up frogs, frogs and more frogs.

And the prize for the weirdest new bar concept goes to…Rainettes! A bar-restaurant serving frogs legs to go with a glass of natural wine or a pint of Fisher beer.

So who are the merry band of frog-munching Parisians when we stop by this little upstairs room? A group of thirty-something women, a post-work lads group and a cap-wearing couple. Classic. And the frogs in question? Steel yourself: the €5 tasting platter includes two skinny frogs legs (battered doughnut-style, cooked in a garlic and parsley sauce or fried in BBQ sauce) with a small pot of overcooked chips. They also come in vol-au-vents or a variety of French-style casseroles (€25).

To drink, there’s €11 cocktails, natural wines or artisanal juices. Granted, the concept is fun but unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work – even if the service is adorable. We had dodgy seats and the plates seemed massive for such tiny little legs. Without wanting to endanger our little froggy friend, perhaps the place could do with serving proper street food dishes. Fish n’ frogs perhaps? A tree frog burger? 

Sorry Rainettes, but we won't be hanging around to find out. 


By: Zazie Tavitian


Venue name: Rainettes
Address: 5 rue Caron

Opening hours: Tue-Wed 11am-11.30pm; Thu-Sun 5-11.30pm
Transport: Metro : Saint-Paul
Price: Tasting platter €5-25, starters and desserts €9, pints €7 (€5 during happy hour), wine €5-8
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