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The best bars for beer in Paris

We seek out the malt of the earth among the capital's bars

Blonde or bitter, Belgian or British, beers are in bountiful supply in Paris's bars – you just need to know where to look. Below, we've listed the six best places in the capital to booze on brews; whether you're into black-as-night stouts or amber ales, you'll be well catered for. So load your wallet, line your stomach and hop over to one of the best beer bars in Paris.

Our favourite bars for beer

La Fine Mousse

Beer offerings in Paris can be distinctly below par, but thanks to the trend for all things organic and artisanal, a few treasures are emerging from the sea of Stella and Kro: La Fine Mousse is one. It’s run by a team of ‘bièreologues’ who man the twenty or so taps, offering a plethora of artisanal beers from France, Belgium, Norway and England. There are tasting notes on the menu, or you can leave yourself in the capable hands of the bar staff to help you choose from the range that stretches from €3.50 to €10 for 25cl, and from 5% to 10% strength... Read more

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Les Trois 8


Old clichés die hard: to most, rock bars are where you go to wig out to a bunch of overamped musicians while getting pissed on Kronenbourg and Kanterbrau. That stereotype is now at least half-false, as an increasing number of these music venues begin to branch out into 'quality' brews. Les Trois 8 opened after a renovation in 2013 with a new remit to match its fresh look: instead of cheap lager on tap, its clientele would henceforth sip craft beers and organic wine. The shift toward microbreweries is certainly of a piece with the newly tasteful decor... Read more

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Le Supercoin


What with Bières Cultes, the Brasserie de La Goutte d’Or and now the very welcoming Supercoin, barley and hops are being celebrated in the 18th arrondissement – a welcome departure for Parisians used to eternal weak demis. Supercoin is all about characterful beers, rock music and having a good time – their motto is ‘artisanal beers and pop culture’. You’ll need more than just one night to test out everything they’ve got on offer, as the beer list is regularly updated­ – there are dozens of bottled varieties and some lovely surprises... Read more

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Mairie du 18e

L'Express de Lyon

Scuzzy, overpriced and crammed full of inconveniently placed suitcases, the bars that line the entrances to big Parisian train stations are rarely conducive to a pleasant evening. L'Express de Lyon is the exception that proves the rule. The venue's hardly a looker, but the choice of beers will detain you long enough that you might miss your train if you're not careful. The taps lining the bar bear exotic names (for Paris) of far-flung breweries – Brew Dog's Punk IPA, Craig Allan's Cuvée d'Oscar, a range of De Molens – and the fridge stocks a healthy selection... Read more

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Gare de Lyon

Bouillon Belge

Opened in 2011, this pub sells only the divine Belgian beverage. Drinkers here will struggle to choose between around a hundred bottled beers, or can opt for one of the ten beers on tap. Fruity, dry, light, strong, blond, amber, brown… all tastes are catered for in the international selection, though naturally Belgian breweries get above-average representation. The young staff are full of enthusiasm for their wares, helping it along with low prices (all draught beers at maximum €3.50), quiz nights and tastings. You might think that the bar... Read more

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20th arrondissement

Troll Café

Oh Belgium, with its crisps shacks and its beers! The Troll Café, hidden in a small road near the Bastille in front of Nul Bar Ailleurs, is a pub that honours the glory of barley malt and hops, well worth the stop for those weary of Amstel. The menu has 120 Belgian beer options, in all their forms: on tap, bottle, brown, white and amber. The choice is so vast that your best bet is to ask the bartenders for advice on choosing between, for example, bottles from Duvel, Chimay, Orval, Westmalle, Chouffe and even Ch’ti. For a really exceptional taste, the bartender... Read more

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More great pubs in Paris


best bars in Paris" width="" height="" border="" />This is one of Time Out's 100 best bars in Paris. Click here to see the full list. Don’t know what to do on Paddy’s day in Paris? Stolly’s is a good bet, a full throttle Irish pub in the middle of the Marais. Here, foreigners and the French mix freely, with plenty of laughter and clinking of glasses in a cheerful, if pretty raucous atmosphere. ‘Hangovers installed here!’ is the catchphrase, they do their best to deliver: beer is served in enormous 1.5 litre pitchers, setting the room spinning from a fairly early hour. If you’re off beer, there are cocktails or whisky, with a good menu of ten-year-old Scotches. The soundtrack is rock, and the delightful micro terrace gets a special mention, as good (heated) in winter as it is in summer.

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The Marais

Connolly's Corner

best bars in Paris" width="" height="" border="" />This is one of Time Out's 100 best bars in Paris. Click here to see the full list. The oldest Irish pub on the left bank, and one of the three oldest in Paris. Unlike many of its blander contemporaries, Connolly’s Corner could almost be mistaken for an authentic Dublin tavern. It’s squirrelled away on the Rue Mouffetard, an area that counts plenty of soulless pubs, so happy are those who find it, for it’s said to serve the best Guinness in Paris. There are also innumerable excellent whiskies decorating the shelf behind the bar.No one wears their Sunday best here. It’s just the regulars, a few passing students, and connoisseurs who know that the venue hosts darts tournaments and concerts and, what’s more, a magnificent collection of ties. This is thanks to the tradition (now abandoned) requiring anyone wearing a tie to cut it off and offer it up to the proprietor. Happy hour runs from 4pm to 8pm, which gives you time for multiple pints of Guinness, thoroughly testing that ‘best in town’ claim.

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5th arrondissement

Café Titon

best bars in Paris" width="" height="" border="" />This is one of Time Out's 100 best bars in Paris. Click here to see the full list. Having fallen in love with Germany during a holiday to Berlin, the owners of this café began to import German products and traditions, creating a nice Franco-German ambiance. The success was immediate, attracting devotees of both classic Croque Monsieurs and traditional German currywurst, a German sausage in a curry sauce with crisps. During Oktoberfest, Café Titon becomes a fully-fledged biergarten. German beer aficionados will be ecstatic to find Paulaner, Erdinger, and even Franziskaner Dunkel. Outside of currywurst and bratwurst, the menu is mostly centred on French cuisine with tartares, large salads, steaks, and sandwiches.

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Eastern Paris

The Lions

best bars in Paris" width="" height="" border="" />This is one of Time Out's 100 best bars in Paris. Click here to see the full list. Located at a famous address in the Stock Market quarter, The Lions is a traditional English pub where bankers love to come and de-stress with an after-work drink. But they’re not the only ones who frequent this pub, which welcomes amateur beer lovers, Brits and sports fans with a blue façade and distinguished interior that set it apart from the competition. Once comfortably installed (come early to get a seat!) you’ll be well placed for football matches, rugby matches or just a bite of your burger – a burger that will be impossible to resist, what with all the amazing smells wafting under your nose all night. Experts know that The Lions is one of the best places in Paris to watch the match, even though some nights are given over to quiz nights (Mondays) and shots nights (Wednesdays).

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