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Cinema pyjama party

BHV Marais launches a high-concept pop-up cinema • June 30 – July 12

Who needs popcorn when you have pop-ups? After Cinéma Paradiso, last year's somewhat overpriced drive-in cinema event at the Grand Palais, it's now the turn of BHV Marais to transform its Observatoire into a projection room. Or rather, projection dorm - for the rows of seats will be replaced by beds (optional dress code: pyjamas). 

As at the Cinéma Paradiso, the programme is strictly classics: think 'Top Gun', 'The Big Lebowski', 'Lost in Translation', 'Manhattan' and 'The Shining'. This time, however, you won't have to spend a centime to grab a seat (or pillow). There are twenty tickets available for each showing (including a cocktail dinner beforehand); these are distributed through an online competition. If your name is pulled out of the hat, you get to choose which of the featured films you want to see, as well as the chance to bring along either one or three guests. Think about it this way: if you take along a date, at least you can be sure that the night is going to end with them in your bed.

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