Fête des Vendanges Montmartre 2017

Celebrate the Montmartre wine harvest at a five-day festival brimming with eclectic traditional events, October 11-15, 2017

When? October 11-15, 2017
A five-day contemporary arts festival celebrating the Montmartre wine harvest.
Various venues around Montmartre

A little known treasure in the 18th arrondissement is the minuscule private vineyard of a monastery, perched high on the hill of Montmartre. Every year, the surrounding neighbourhood comes together – markets, restaurants, libraries, bookshops, cinemas, theatres and even schools – to celebrate the rare and distinctive vintage that its grapes produce. This year’s Fête des Vendanges Montmartre will be centred around the theme of ‘freedom’. 

Across the five-day festival programme, you can expect all manner of wine-themed events, including a fascinating-sounding talk from Laurent Bihl on the vineyard itself. But you can also expect plenty of music, and workshops where kids and teenagers can apparently learn all about street art.

The closing night is set to be particularly spectacular, with an impressive firework display planned by the Sacré-Coeur, along with a giant dance party. For more information on tickets and to view the full programme, visit the festival’s website.  


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