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©Flickr/FAN THE FIRE Magazine Fantastic Mr. Fox

Entertain the kids with a special series of classic films themed around ‘home’.

Launched by the Forum des Images in September 2015, ‘Cinékids’ is an initiative offering the best in children’s cinema to film-hungry kids aged between 18 months and seven years. With projections taking place every Wednesday and Sunday afternoons, the screenings follow a specific theme that changes every three months. Following a popular season dedicated to fantasy (Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, Tom Pouce), the latest series – from January 3-March 30 2016 – is themed around ‘Maisons et Cabanes’ (‘homes and huts’). From Nanook of The North’s igloo (1922), projected with accompanying music, to Carl’s flying house in Pixar smash ‘Up’ and the makeshift shack of Robinson Crusoe, the concept of home is presented in all its most engaging cinematic forms. The programme includes a number of films that will school young spectators in some of cinema’s most acclaimed directors such as Wes Anderson (‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’), Hayao Miyazaki (‘My Neighbour Totoro’) and Steven Spielberg (‘E.T.’ and his famous ‘phone home’).
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By: Clotilde Gaillard


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