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Déclic Hotel

  • Hotels
  • 18e arrondissement
  • 3 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

Shoot into outer space with a stay at Le Déclic hôtel.

Rates: €89-499 per night

Added extras: a photo studio and suite with a jacuzzi

Services: Wifi and breakfast

In the heart of Montmartre, it’s possible to dream with your eyes wide open. Design hotel par excellence, the Déclic functions on its own originality. This unique establishment plunges you into visual fireworks for an overnight stay. Design by Sandrine Alouf  an “atmospherist” who combines decor and stories to take visitors on a motionless journey  is truly magical; a telescope that is within reach of the bed, luminous plexiglass furniture and a glowing night sky which covers every surface (with the occasional moving shooting star).

And the surprises don’t end there: Le Déclic has its own photo studio, the perfect way to make your stay last far into the future. An hour-long session resulting in ten downloadable photos comes to the modest sum of €200. As for the rooms, the Planche Contact Suite has its own terrace and Jacuzzi.

The first meal of the day is served in the breakfast room  decor is slightly more earthly but it provides a nice soft landing from the extra-terrestrial vibe elsewhere. As we leave we can’t help but feel a little sleep deprived – Déclic have made everything so damn interesting that sleeping is the last thing you’d want to do. But perhaps that isn’t cause for complaint.

Just 600 metres from the Sacré Coeur, Déclic Hotel has wifi and a 24-hour reception. Rooms, complete with flat-screen TVs, iPads, private bathrooms with a bath or shower, are also adorned with photos. Breakfast is served daily at an additional cost – or you can have it brought up to your room.  

Written by
Karim Merikhi


17 rue Duhesme
Metro: Lamarck-Caulaincourt
€179-499 per night
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