Hôtel 1K

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Hôtel 1K
Hôtel 1K
Hôtel 1K
Hôtel 1K
Hôtel 1K

A voyage to Peru via the Marais.

Rates: €200-770 per night

The added extras: a mezcal bar and the events organised by the hotel

Services: fitness room, breakfast and restaurant

Half way down boulevard du Temple, Hotel 1K’s deep blue frontage draws in the punters, as does the large terrace, which is ideal of summer evenings. Inspired by Andean architecture, the establishment straddles tradition and modernity, with warm wood and bronze tones. Decor pays tribute to the Incas: expect Peruvian masks, gildings and motifs on the ceiling and floors, which are drenched with vibrant colours. Adorned with braided alpaca wool and symbols of the Inca culture, the 52 rooms are also bursting with Andean geometric-printed carpets.

Take a trip to Peru via the restaurant, led by former Top Chef (the French version Masterchef) Julien Burbaud, starting off with tacos with avocado sour cream and moving onto divine ceviche. For the bolder diners  don’t miss the locusts. As for drinks, head to La Mezcaleria, the secret mezcal cocktail bar decorated with Day of the Dead skulls, accessed through the kitchen. If you’re feeling especially celebratory, stop by the Pisco, the 1K’s Peruvian accented bar. Kevin Machefert, the 24-year-old hotel mogul, arranges a constant flow of events, including rooftop parties, cocktail contests, DJ sets and other upcoming projects. This has got it all – escapism, hedonism and exoticism.

By: Karim Merikhi


Venue name: Hôtel 1K
Address: 13 boulevard du Temple

Transport: Metro: Fille du Calvaire
Price: €200-770 per night
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