Kube Hotel

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4 out of 5 stars
Kube Hotel

The first hotel in Paris with an ice bar.

Rates: €120-310

Added extras: The Ice Kube Bar and a computer in each room

Services: Breakfast, dinner, bar and fitness room

A luxury hotel in the la Chapelle area of Paris. It might not sound like a workable combination and admittedly, it’s not your typical 4-star hotel location. Kube Hotel sits at the bottom of a discreet alley between two kebab stalls and through a classical facade, you’ll find the reception in a glass cube at the heart of the courtyard. The multifunction lobby acts as a breakfast room, diner and bar.

The rooms, like the rest of the place, are cubed  including plenty of angular furniture, with details such as curtains and faux fur slippers adding warmth. Bathrooms open onto the rooms with a simple glass wall separator  expect an unusual stay filled with refreshing surprises.

Throw on mittens and a hat (provided by the bar team) and head for the Ice Kube Bar for the (chilly) cherry on the cake. A real attraction, the ice bar and its minus 7 degrees guarantee a unique drinking session for twenty minutes, depending on your resistance to the cold  or the number of cocktails you get down. This sort of place definitely qualifies as a symbol of Parisian modernism.

By: Karim Merikhi


Venue name: Kube Hotel
Address: 1-5 Passage Ruelle
Transport: Metro: La Chapelle
Price: €120-310
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