The Art of DC - The dawn of Superheroes

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DC comics
© Jaime Jones
DC comics
Justice League © Alex Ross
DC comics
Wonder Woman Série 1975-1979 Costume porté par Lynda Carter™ & © DC Comics.(s17) ©Quentin Crestinu
DC Comics
The Dark Knight Raises - BatPod - Artist : Nathan Crowley THE DARK KNIGHT RAISES and all related characters and elements © & ™ DC & WBEI (s17)

A super exhibition filled with super heroes

Your child – and by this we are referring to a huge age bracket  as whether they are 4 or well into adolescence, they probably still do somersaults in their bedroom re-enacting Batman and ripping down curtains for Superman capes. In order to calm these rather mad antics, why not take them to "The Art of DC - The dawn of Superheroes" at the Ludique Art museum, where the entire team from DC comics is on show

Hardcore fans will be pleased to know that they are nearly all there, with particular focus on some favourites. Starting with Superman, from one of the original cartoon covers, we go in chronological order through to action and detective comics. Accompanied throughout by original soundtracks of the DC films and series, one strolls from room to room and therefore universe-to-universe. After Superman, comes Gotham City’s great protector, Batman. By adopting black as his signature colour, it shows that virtue and courage must be practised in the dark. These socio-political insights make this exhibition more than just a simple display of 250 original and beautiful pieces of artwork. 

Let's not forget the greatly fantasised ‘Bat-Mobile’ and the gallery of super villains from The Joker to The Penguin, or Catwoman and Mr. Freeze. It's easy to become fixated in front of the television listening to the exciting interviews from DC creators such as cartoonist Jim Lee, and the director of the Batman trilogy, Christopher Nolan. 

The drawback is that Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn, two very prominent figures, are relegated right to the end of the exhibition. Apart from this however, the quality and range of DC characters are second to none. There’s also a little teaser of Zack Snyder’s new feature film, just to wet your appetite.


By: Clotilde Gaillard


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