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Cheap Paris brunches

The best Paris brunches for under €20

While we all love a good weekend brunch blowout with all the carbs, fat and protein we can get on a plate (or several, if we're talking all-you-can-eat), the Paris brunch fetish means they don't all come cheap. These venues all feature in our city round-up of the best brunches in Paris, and they all serve fantastic slap-up meals for the princely sum of €20 or less. La classe!

Paris brunches that won’t break the bank

Les P'tites Indécises

Les P'tites Indécises caters to a large appetite but a pinched wallet. Set in the middle of a sunlit square near Parmentier, this light-filled restaurant has a generous brunch with more than just your usual tartine and Nutella. The menu has two options: either the ‘p’tit dej’ or the ‘complet’, both including freshly squeezed juice, your choice of hot drink and an unlimited bread basket with a selection of spreads. On top of that, if you choose the p’tit dej at the very reasonable price of €14.50, you have a choice of entrée and dessert...

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11th arrondissement

Casa Lola

At Casa Lola, you’ve hardly even sat down before everything is on the table. It starts sweet, with jars of jam, butter, lemon curd, chocolate spread and caramel with salted butter – everything arriving quickly in a barrage of spreadable goodness. Then hot drinks, orange or freshly squeezed grapefruit juice follow, then fresh bread and slice of cake (lemon or carrot). If that all sounds a little high in sugar, you can also order from a savoury selection, each dish accompanied by the house coleslaw and onion rings. The bagels (with pastrami or salmon) are served with bacon and scrambled eggs...

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Mairie du 18e

Breakfast in America

Even in Paris, the city of haute cuisine and knock-your-socks-off Brasserie fare, there comes a time when nothing but bacon, fried eggs, juicy burgers and fluffy pancakes drizzled in maple syrup will do. For those moments, Breakfast in America (known lovingly amongst regulars as B.I.A) offers bona fide American diner surroundings, all-day breakfasts and artery clogging delights like sticky pecan pie, washed down with bottomless mugs o’ Joe.  Needless to say it’s a hit with the brunch crowd who come in droves so large they queue up outside, rain or shine...

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5th arrondissement

Bal Café

While you're here, enjoy an exhibit at the BAL, the Parisian temple of the documentary image. The team is young, cheerful and cosmopolitan; the décor is warm and the food delicious. The cooks here cut their teeth at the lauded Rose Bakery and all the ingredients are carefully chosen. For brunch, porridge, scones, bacon and other UK-inspired dishes jostle for space on the menu. But be careful: space is limited and reservations are not accepted. Of course, if you have to wait for a table, you can always check out one of the excellent exhibits at the BAL, Paris’s museum of documentary photography, film and new media...

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18th arrondissement


The fact that this place describes itself as a 'food spa' shows how it's embracing the organic ('bio' in French) revolution. There's a high-concept air about the place: white designer chairs and tables; a beautiful bird fresco that winds through it; and a mammoth fridge overflowing with expensive mineral waters, exotic smoothies and colourful takeaway salads for the fabulously busy. A healthy feast here might consist of soft-boiled eggs with sweet roasted autumn vegetables, or a juicy tofu burger with organic ketchup – one of Bioboa's staples...

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L'Estaminet des Enfants Rouges

Bobo, yes, but still lovely. Insulated from the honking horns of the city, this place is a true oasis in central Paris. This small, organic canteen is warm and welcoming, a tavern for weary urban travellers in the heart of the Enfants Rouges market. Though somewhat difficult to find, it is far from secret – especially in summer when the colourful chairs come out to allow customers to enjoy the aromas of the market. Brunch is served on Saturdays and Sundays, and the ‘traditional’ menu (€20) is hearty and original. In addition to hot drinks and organic apple juice, take your pick from scrambled eggs, salad, assorted cheeses and cold cuts...

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The Marais

Le Valmy

In fine weather, Le Valmy's south-facing tables on the pavement outside are bathed in sunlight. So on Sundays when the canal Saint-Martin is closed to traffic and the clatter of bikes replaces revving engines, it gets pretty busy. The menu, however, is a little disappointing. On the same plate, you might find peas, vegetables bathed in tzatziki, smoked ham, tabbouleh, beetroot cut into cubes and a slice of quiche all mixed together, like a type of minestrone. Dessert-wise, the menu will do little to satisfy the hungry as it only offers a fresh, soft cheese with the choice of either red fruit sauce or honey...

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Canal Saint Martin

Le Café qui Parle

It may be overlooked by the hordes of Nikon-wielding tourists on their way up the Montmartre butte, but Le Café qui Parle still knows how to reel in the punters. Reservations fall on deaf ears here; to be in with a chance of a table, you're best off coming early. But once you've secured a handful of chairs and a bit of breathing space, you're in for one of the most memorable brunches the capital has to offer...

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