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Cheap Paris brunches

The best Paris brunches for under €20

While we all love a good weekend brunch blowout with all the carbs, fat and protein we can get on a plate (or several, if we're talking all-you-can-eat), the Paris brunch fetish means they don't all come cheap. These venues all feature in our city round-up of the best brunches in Paris, and they all serve fantastic slap-up meals for the princely sum of €20 or less. La classe!

Paris brunches that won’t break the bank

Breakfast in America

How much? €16.95 
When? Sunday 8.30am-11pm 
Where? 17 rue des Ecoles, 5th
What's on the menu? There are several set menus but expect cheddar-scrambled eggs, mushrooms, bacon, ham, peppers, potatoes, pancakes, orange juice and coffee.

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5th arrondissement

Bululù Arepera


How much? €15-20
When? Sat-Sun 11am-4pm
Where? 20 rue de la Fontaine du But, 18th 
What's on the menu? Arepas, black beans, Venezuelan scrambled eggs, plaintain chips, salads and fresh fruit juice.

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Mairie du 18e

Café Düo

How much? €19
When? Sunday 12.30-4pm
24 rue du Marché Popincourt, 11th
What's on the menu? Muesli, scrambled eggs, salmon, fruits, vegetables, meat or fish, bread and jam and fresh orange juice. 

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Frenchie To Go


How much? €20
When? Mon-Fri 8.30am-4.30pm, weekends 9.30am-5.30pm
Where? 9 rue du Nil, 2nd
What's on the menu? For €20: a bacon and egg muffin, coffee, a cookie and homemade granola with yoghurt, honey and fruit.

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2nd arrondissement

Le Café qui Parle


How much? €17.50 
When? Weekends 10am-4pm 
Where? 24 rue Caulaincourt, 18th
What's on the menu? Buffet includes: salads, scrambled eggs, cheese and charcuterie plates, viennoiseries, tartines, jam, hot drink and fruit juice.

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How much? €18
When? Sunday
What? Breton or Japanese-style brunch
Where? 36 rue de Sambre-et-Meuse, 10th

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10th arrondissement

Le Valmy

How much? €16.50 
When? Sunday midday-3pm
Where? 145 quai de Valmy, 10th
What's on the menu? Set menu includes: coffee, orange juice, crudités, salad, salmon, smoked ham and quiche. 

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Canal Saint Martin

Le Poutch

How much? From €10
When? Sunday 10.30am-6pm
Where? 13 rue Lucien Sampaix, 10th
What's on the menu? Broccoli fritatta with butternut and cheddar cheese, with potatoes and roasted sweet potatoes, mushroom soup, cheese and ham muffins and juice of the day.

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La Chambre aux Oiseaux


How much? €19
When? Weekends 11am-3pm
Where? 48 rue Bichat, 10th
What's on the menu? In the set menu: breads, brioche, jams, fruit juice, hot drinks, taboulleh, salad, turkey, scrambled eggs, vegetable lasagne and a choice of dessert.

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10th arrondissement

La Prune folle

How much? €18.50 
When? Daily 11am-3pm
Where? 33 rue de Crussol, 11th
What's on the menu? 6 set menu options, for example, a hot drink, orange juice, tartines, croissant, bacon, eggs, salad, pancakes and fromage blanc.

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11th arrondissement

Travel the world - without even leaving the brunch table

The best international brunches in Paris

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