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Time Out says

3 out of 5 stars

A wine bar and coffee shop that we thoroughly enjoy

For who? Those into their natural wine and coffee.

What to order? The Delirio: a little sparkling water with a double espresso over ice.

The truth is we always wanted to write a good review of Delirio, a new Franco-Colombian address in the 11th. It’s easy to appreciate the kind people there and the hard working owners who pay a great tribute to both French and Latin American soil. It’s very easy to enjoy the cosy coffee shop atmosphere as well as doubling up as an intimate specialised organic wine bar. The Colombian coffee, ‘El Paraiso’, is also roasted on site. What’s even better is the multitude of coffee options: espresso, a classic cappuccino to the most amazing affogato, or even a double espresso with vanilla ice cream.

Sadly the place does come with a few flaws, which aren’t by any means insurmountable. The food leaves a mixed impression, as in the empanadas are yummy, but the salads and soups are a little bland. There’s little to worry about on the homemade pastries. Then, the downstairs room isn’t the most convincing, as it plunges you into autumnal forest vibe, with its wicker chairs and wooden wallpaper as well as a fake tree planted in the middle. It’s probably a lot nicer in the summer, but the decoration gives off a wintery feel. Lastly, the thought of paying €9 for a glass of certain vintages in a place that can be a little too cosy at times is slightly off putting.

There’s nothing disastrous here, but the competition is becoming tough for coffee shops in the east of Paris. However, we are pleased to hear that Delirio now have baristas who teach you how to prepare your coffee, whether it be cold drip or Chemex – a great initiative.

Written by
Emmanuel Chirache


39 rue Amelot
Metro: Chemin Vert or Bréguet-Sabin
€2 for an espresso, lunch formula between €10 and 15. €10 for a 250g bag of coffee roasted on site.
Opening hours:
Every day from 8am-10pm.
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