Ono Poké

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Ono Poké (Ono Poké ©ZT)
Ono Poké ©ZT
Ono Poké (Ono Poké ©ZT)
Ono Poké ©ZT
Ono Poké (Ono Poké ©ZT)
Ono Poké ©ZT
Ono Poké (Ono Poké ©ZT)
Ono Poké ©ZT

A café near the Jardin du Luxembourg serving Hawaiian-style raw fish bowls.

Unsurprisingly, Ono Poké does a range of poké: a Hawaiian dish, comprising a vinegared rice base, topped with vegetables, fruit and marinated raw fish.

Being poké newbies, unfortunately the serving staff weren’t all that forthcoming in explaining the concept to us, so we’ll do the work for you. Here’s how it goes: Step 1. Choose the size of your bowl (petit/grand/double fish). 2. Choose your base (quinoa, buckwheat spelt, cabbage or rice). 3. Choose your topping (tuna/salmon/white fish/smoked fish/meat). 4. Choose two sauces (one of the rice and one for the garnish) and pay. 5. Wait to be called, give in your ticket, add your spices and eat away.

We go for the tuna poké on rice (in ‘grand’) with mango, avocado, coriander, fried onions, creamy coconut sauce and kosho yuzu. It’s generous and colourful, but not as flavourful as we would have liked  the rice needed a little more vinegar. All things considered, it’s fresh, hearty and served super-quick. The huge slice of carrot cake afterwards certainly sweetened us up.

With a little more of that authentic Honolulu flavour and more oomph from the staff, we’ll be back for poké o’clock. 

By: Zazie Tavitian


Venue name: Ono Poké
Address: 167 rue Saint-Jacques

Opening hours: Mon-Sat midday-5pm
Transport: Metro: Luxembourg
Price: €9.50-15
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Never been to Hawaii, but have heard everyone talk about these bowls made with raw fish and was excited when I heard about a poké place in Paris. Chose the tuna poké bowl that was generously garnished with avocado, mango, cilantry, green onions, onion flakes and two types of dressing (the yuzu one was delicious)! This was my first poké bowl and I found it to be very tasty, although with all of the toppings and sauces you don't really taste the tuna too much. It's true that one of the guys working there seemed a little cold, but I would have been upset too if I was stuck indoors on a sunny day. Anyways, for a quick, healthy lunch that you can take to eat in the Luxembourg gardens, Ono Poké is solid choice!