Saturday Sunday Sausage Sizzle at G Hotel

Saturday Sunday Sausage Sizzle at G Hotel

The Saturday Sunday Sausage sizzle allows you to eat, sip and dip (not necessarily all at the same time, of course) when you place your order. Have a choice of five different styles of sizzle with ten handmade condiments to choose from. It also comes with your favourite soda of which you can also upsize to a milk shake or draught beer all for a small fee of RM10.

Out of the jumbo hot dog choices that are G Town Sizzle with sweet relish and cheddar cheese, Chillin' Sizzle with pickled jalapenos and mustard, Sloppy Slaw Sizzle with apple-horseradish slaw and gruyere cheese and Sunshine Sizzle with dill cucumber salsa and cream cheese, we like the Guac-A-Sizzle the best. Consisting of diced avocado and dill cucumber salsa, this one has a touch of creamy from the avocado and crunch from salsa.

A few of the Sizzle choices

Each one comes with either beef or chicken sausage along with a choice of crisp chips such as potato, cassava and nachos. If you're lucky, there are also burger patties on offer. For those who enjoy an extra slather of sauce on their hot dogs, there are ketchup, several types of mustard, horseradish, Tabasco, sweet relish and salsa available.

The best part is, you're allowed to have swim in the hotel pool while tucking in to this Sizzle promotion at their pool bar from noon to 6pm. What better way to spend your weekend, eh? Su Aziz

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