Restoran Pinang Peranakan

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Restoran Pinang Peranakan

May 2013

A few steps away from the Pinang Peranakan Mansion is this restaurant that echoes the mansion's ambience - as if you’re stepping into another time wearing a pretty kebaya top with a matching batik sarong. Dark wood chairs and marble-topped tables dot its spacious interior that seems perfect for a wedding reception, an elegant birthday party or any such event.

Food wise, they pride themselves on serving authentic Nyonya cuisine. The verdict? Well, their food is certainly tasty, satisfying and holds the delicate balance of lingering spiciness along with a touch of sweet sour that so often colour a Nyonya dish.

For a good sample of their ala carte offerings, try out their set lunch menu that combine a vegetable dish, a tofu one and a chicken dish with steamed white rice. The set ranges from two to four people from RM28.80+.

We recommend a set combination of belacan fried potato leaves, claypot soft taufu steeping in mild flavoured gravy and deep-fried boneless chicken in batter topped by julienned young mango salad. The result of this combination is an unforgettable mix of spicy from the belacan, a crunch of texture from the crispy chicken batter and a zesty burst from the mango salad before the soft tofu with its unassuming gravy acts as a balm.

Dessert wise, they have the favourites of (sky high) ice kacang, bubur cha cha and cendol. Although, what not to miss is their kopi luwak that comes with a story that only they can tell it right! A few other must try on their ala carte menu is the gado gado and kerabu salad. Although their steamed fish in Nyonya style using coconut milk has been known to be a crowd pleaser. Main dishes are from RM15+.

The service staff is friendly and the service, especially for lunch, is efficient. Don’t hesitate to add a spoonful of their sambal belacan accompaniment with each bite. Believe me, you won’t regret it. Su Aziz


Venue name: Restoran Pinang Peranakan
Address: No 4, Logan Heritage, Lebuh Pantai
Opening hours: Thu-Tue, 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm; closed on Wed
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